JJ started having Mum-Mums earlier this week and has really taken to them.  I am not sure if it is the taste (they basically taste like nothing) or the fact that I give him pieces that are big enough for him to “feed” himself.

Sometimes he gets more hand than food, but I am really proud that he can even get close!  and glad that he is enjoying the harder texture more.

A couple times, when I tried to help him get the Mum-Mum in his mouth, he actually pushed my hand away!  I was so startled the first time, I figured it was just a fluke.  Then I tried to help him again, and again he pushed my hand away.  The second time I was startled because he usually never gives me any resistance regardless of what we are doing, really, so it is a new thing for me to have to get used to.  But it is good – he is becoming an independent little person!  and if he doesn’t want my help, he’ll just push my hand away!


3 responses to “Independent

  1. I would advise anyone to keep their fingers clear of Bam Bam’s mouth when he is eating. With his two teeth in he is liable to bite those fingers right off!

  2. Yes, pretty soon he is going to become his own little guy…not ready for that just yet!

  3. Could not believe JJ is going to be his own guy…

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