I’m baaaaaaack!

The past two weeks have been way chaotic – starting at home with an onslaught of relatives coming in for my cousin’s wedding.  Folks were in from all over – Cali, NYC, Boston, Japan, etc…

JJ got to meet some of his cousins (well, my cousins and kids of my cousins, so maybe his second cousins?  not sure of the terminology) – and my little cousin, Gomby, tied the knot!

It’s funny – even though he is a ripe old 29, I still picture him as a little trouble-making, allergic-to-shellfish little boy.  Clearly he is all grown up!

Then it was onto Boom’s side of the family… we’ve been busy busy busy…

JJ got to go to the beach for the first time!  The cold water didn’t seem to bother him.

and he’s been spending a lot of time with his cousins (not all are pictured).  They are all really enjoying him, which is awesome!

The pool in the backyard helps make the lack of AC on really hot days much more bearable!  JJ loves to splash and kick his legs!  Maybe he did learn something from swim class before I dropped out 😉

Now that Boom is back home and won’t get to see us for a few weeks, I will really do a better job of updating the bloggy blog.  Luckily my mom has been out of town, or else I am sure some hate email would have been heading my way, due to my lack of posting.


3 responses to “I’m baaaaaaack!

  1. Boom is back in Houston as well!! Awesome start to the return. Woke up this morning and the battery on the Honda was dead. Figured I would take the black car, but the emergency brake seems locked into place so it won’t move! Was able to inch it close enough to the Honda with a bit of back and forth to jump the Honda to go get Ruby. She is doing fine. They say she needs to get her teeth cleaned and drop 7 lbs. I guess Ryuby and Boom will be on the treadmill together for the next month. The price tag at the vet was outrageous. Hope the car starts for me tonight at work!! Miss you guys.

  2. FINALLY! Looks like you are having a marvelous time! JJ needs to stop getting so big!

    Boom – so sorry about the car! And I forgot to mention that the vet was going to do all the stuff – they said it was required or something 🙂

    Next time you can always call us to help with car stuff!

  3. I love that picture of Bam Bam and I on the beach. He looks like a little boy now. I can’t believe it. Miss you guys!

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