A couple weeks ago, when we started giving Baby J Mum-Mums, I made some comment about how, although he could feed himself the longer pieces of Mum-Mums, he couldn’t feed himself the small Happy Baby puffs.   My mom, who was close by, was all, don’t under estimate Baby J, he is so smart and so clearly gifted, he probably can feed himself whatever we ask him to.  I agreed outloud, but still secretly thought he probably couldn’t feed himself the puffs…

I am learning never to underestimate my genius baby!  Last night he used his pincer grasp (index finger and thumb) to pick up a puff and feed it to himself!  He is not supposed to be able to do that until 8 – 10 months.  Clearly he is a smarty pants! (he is 2 weeks early learning that skill!)

Babies are so amazing – I need to learn my lesson once and for all and never think that JJ won’t be able to do something.

Here’s the cutie from this past week:

He will soon be visiting the third state in his life – Maine!


3 responses to “Amazing

  1. Maybe we can get JJ some little momento that we can put a date on for the first time he visits each state. Maybe they could fit on his wall shelf or we could hang them.

  2. JJs face is starting to round out like his Mumsy’s

  3. Glad we could skype today! I am missing you guys!

    p.s. hope he’s not enrolled in college by the time he gets back 😉

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