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Nine Months!

Dearest Baby J –

On Friday you turned 9 months old!  And you proved to me, yet again, that you are really the best baby!  Certainly the bravest… Friday we also had your 9 month check up.  You are a healthy, if not a bit thin, boy!  75th%ile for height but only 30th%ile for weight.  Both your dad and I wonder where you came from, as we were both extremely fat babies!  You had to get some blood drawn – from your arm! – and I was very nervous.   The nurse, before she stuck the needle in your little arm, was all (to PoPo and I), You two really need to calm down.  Then she stuck the needle in – and I was quite ready to turn on the waterworks, in support of your pain.  But you didn’t make a peep.  I could see the blood filling up the vial, and yet, you were so so brave – not crying or anything!  When it was all over, the nurse was all, You could really learn something from your son.

And it is true – you are so calm and even keeled and smart and brave!  I have already learned so much from you, and I know that I will just continue to do so.

You are a speed crawler these days.  You always want to go for Ruby’s bed (to flop on) and then any errant shoes that we have left on the floor.  You often also make a beeline for the outlets (which have finally been babyproofed) or the curtains.

We’ve started you on chicken for some protein.  Dad cooked all Saturday morning so you’d have lots of good chicken babyfood, and it really is delicious!  I have been known to take a nip here and there.  The recipes are awesome – with onions, leeks, butternut squash, peas, etc (not all in the same one).  So very flavorful – you seem to enjoy them as well!

We went to your school last week for the classroom visit.  You loved it!  I knew that school would be good for you and that you would enjoy it, but now I really know that you will be having a blast there.  You were crawling all around, not even caring if PoPo or I were there!  You explored all the activity centers and said hi to all the other babies.  I was so proud!

You are really growing up!  Boom commented the other night that 3 months ago, you really couldn’t do much.  And now you are starting school tomorrow!  and in another 3 months you will likely be walking and talking a little!

I am the luckiest gal to be your mumsie.  You really do make me look good 🙂  I love you so so much.  You are such a good boy and a real cutie.  I know I like to call you “Tango Mike” (a.k.a. “Trouble Maker”) but you really are not.  You are just curious and want to see and feel everything around you!  I am looking forward to the next 3 months and beyond!



Diaper Pants

Like a nightmare, 3 days in a row I have had to put Baby J in the bath in the morning due to a poo-plosion.  The first day this happened, it was after breakfast, but the other two mornings, I was greeted by a smiley little dude in his crib and poop everywhere!  He used to go #2 a couple to 3 times a day.  Recently, he’s been holding it in for one major blowout – overnight.  It is annoying when poop gets on his crib sheet, but even more so is when it gets on his bumper!  We don’t dry the bumper, so it is an all day affair to get the bumper clean and back on this crib.  And JJ doesn’t sleep well without a bumper (I know, I know, I need to get a spare bumper and save myself a lot of heartache).

Anyway, after the 3rd morning bath, I was all, They need to make diaper pants.  Boom was like, What?  and I was all, To keep in the poop – just so it won’t get on the bumper at least.  And Boom, in his wisdom, was all, Well, just put a pair of pants over his onesie tonight.

And just like that – BAM!  I have outwitted my son’s GI tract!  The poop got on the inside of his pants, but crib sheet and bumper were saved!

I guess it could be worse (?) – I hear dealing with constipation is not terribly fun, but that is one issue we haven’t had yet (knock on wood).  Quite possibly, this is way TMI, but I was quite pleased with myself this morning 🙂

Sorry Sorry

It has been forever since I have updated the old bloggy blog – sorry!  We haven’t been up to much since our last post – just trying to stay cool in this oppressive heat and humidity!

One really great indoor activity we have enjoyed is going to the Children’s Museum!  Now that Baby J can crawl, he enjoys the Tot Spot much more.  And we love meeting our friends there!

I really love that we have great mommy / baby friends!  Mustang has known JJ since he was just a wee 8-week-old baby!

Little S is a newer friend, and both him and his mommy are really great.

I think we might be going back to the Tot Spot this afternoon – it may be time to purchase a membership, as I am sure all my visits will pay for it in a short while.


I have kinda fallen out of love with the internet – I know, GASP GASP, how can that be?!  Well, I think it is actually for the best.  Now I am not checking out a million blogs, creating projects for myself (that oft times don’t get done) – Boom says it is definitely a good thing – as I was too in love with Mr. Internet before.  Anyway, I am trying to find a happy medium so that I will still be motivated to update the ol’ bloggy blog.  Now that PoPo is back at home, I know I need to update, or else the hate emails will start…

Here are some pics from our trip to Cape Cod:

Here you are showing off your mad skills.  You started pulling up towards the middle of our trip.  Now you are really good at it!

Boom’s parents have a large deck that you liked to crawl around on.  You liked the outdoor rug and always tried to scratch the black ferns off of it.  I thought it was adorable when you went under the table – so adventurous!

We are on a good 2-day nap schedule – at 9am and 1pm.  Then to bed a bit earlier than we had been – I am quite pleased, but I know that once school starts, that schedule will likely be ka-put. Oh well, I guess life is all about changes, especially at your stage!

8 months!

Dearest JJ –

You turned 8 months at the end of our trip up to Cape Cod.  So many changes took place from month 7 – 8.  I commented to Boom that Mother Nature should spread out some of those changes into the first 3 months so that new parents won’t get so discouraged, but I guess that is not how it works.  and sorry for the delayed letter – you were feeling a bit under the weather at the end of our trip, and then traveling home didn’t help matters, so I was a bit underwater once we did finally get home.  Now things are starting to get back into a routine, and with PoPo here to help (thank goodness!), I can finally get this bloggy blog updated!

When we got to the Cape, you were a slow little turtle crawler.  Now you are picking up speed.  And the arm and leg coordination is second nature to you.  You are a sitting pro and don’t really fall over too much anymore.  You still go on your side sometimes, but not nearly as much as last month.  Towards the end of our trip you started pulling up to standing on things – now that is one of your favorite past times!  and we used to try to stand you up to walk with you a bit and you didn’t know what to do with your legs – now you can take a few steps (with our help, of course).

You continue to be an early riser.  More so up on the Cape as all the rooms were closer together up there.  I would really like for you to sleep until 7am, but I guess I don’t have much say in the matter.  Yesterday you woke up at 545am – screaming, and starving, evidently – Dad fed you 10 ounces and then you went back to sleep until 830am.  Maybe that will be our new plan of attack – early bottle to extend your sleep a few hours.

You actually seem to be eating less than before, in terms of solids.  Your liquids are pretty consistent at 20 – 25 ounces.  When you have less than 20 oz, I know the next morning will be quite early.  I started giving you a bottle right before bedtime to help increase the liquid consumption, so that is helpful.

You loved meeting your cousins, aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles and second cousins.  And they all loved you!  You especially like hanging out with the dudes, both old and young.  My theory is that you are always around the chicks (me, and the moms of other babies) so you really like getting to be with the boys.  You and Dad continue to be BFFs.  It is so adorable how happy you are to see him!  and last night was the first time you babbled “Dada”.

You are lucky to have such a great PoPo (grandmother on your mom’s side) – she loves you more than anything.  She is always willing to hold you and get on the floor to play and feed you and change you and do anything that you need her to.  She is such a great help to me – I will miss her when she leaves (but at least I know she’ll be back at the end of August!).  PoPo always keeps a running commentary to you in Chinese, so I hope you are paying attention and retaining a little bit of the language.

The first few days back home you were not yourself.  I think all the travel really took a toll on you.  You were super fussy and just not a happy dude.  But now, I think you are back to normal.  You smile a lot and giggle and are happy baby.

You really love having your 2 fingers in your mouth – I am not crazy about it, but I guess all babies are very oral at this age.  Which you definitely are – everything goes right into your mouth for inspection.  Even sand, multiple times, and even after it was clear you did not like the taste of it!

I have had a blast with you this past month – it has been so amazing to see how much you have changed!  You are active, but nothing compared to how you will be in just a few months.  Everyone says that I am a lucky mom, to have such a great baby.  I totally agree, and you are not too hard on the eyes either (a.k.a. the most adorable baby EVER!).  I love you so much and love that we can have fun together day after day.