I have kinda fallen out of love with the internet – I know, GASP GASP, how can that be?!  Well, I think it is actually for the best.  Now I am not checking out a million blogs, creating projects for myself (that oft times don’t get done) – Boom says it is definitely a good thing – as I was too in love with Mr. Internet before.  Anyway, I am trying to find a happy medium so that I will still be motivated to update the ol’ bloggy blog.  Now that PoPo is back at home, I know I need to update, or else the hate emails will start…

Here are some pics from our trip to Cape Cod:

Here you are showing off your mad skills.  You started pulling up towards the middle of our trip.  Now you are really good at it!

Boom’s parents have a large deck that you liked to crawl around on.  You liked the outdoor rug and always tried to scratch the black ferns off of it.  I thought it was adorable when you went under the table – so adventurous!

We are on a good 2-day nap schedule – at 9am and 1pm.  Then to bed a bit earlier than we had been – I am quite pleased, but I know that once school starts, that schedule will likely be ka-put. Oh well, I guess life is all about changes, especially at your stage!


4 responses to “Howdy

  1. Great pics and good update! JJ is a sleeping machine. Went to bed at 6:15 PM last night and woke up at 6:00 AM this morning. Your new 2 nap routine seems to be working well. When I was feeding him this morning he had some of the biggest yawns I have ever seen.

  2. Limiting computer/internet use is a good thing. I need to learn to do the same!

    Baby J is growing leaps and bounds. I can’t believe he will be starting school so soon 😉

    c u later gater!

  3. i hope you are keeping up your blog, especially more photo of JJ……

  4. Read all of your updates. We were lucky to experience some of his new tricks. He is really a great little guy. Ting has taken to motherhood and seems to be enjoying all the new experiences. She seems to take things in stride and is great at making adjustments. I agree with Po Po that it is nice to keep abreast of what is going on through the blog. When you are on the phone you don’t remember to always ask about all the updates. It is nice to hear about some of the day to day goings on. Miss you guys, Love MB

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