Sorry Sorry

It has been forever since I have updated the old bloggy blog – sorry!  We haven’t been up to much since our last post – just trying to stay cool in this oppressive heat and humidity!

One really great indoor activity we have enjoyed is going to the Children’s Museum!  Now that Baby J can crawl, he enjoys the Tot Spot much more.  And we love meeting our friends there!

I really love that we have great mommy / baby friends!  Mustang has known JJ since he was just a wee 8-week-old baby!

Little S is a newer friend, and both him and his mommy are really great.

I think we might be going back to the Tot Spot this afternoon – it may be time to purchase a membership, as I am sure all my visits will pay for it in a short while.


4 responses to “Sorry Sorry

  1. Finally! Good thing I see the little man a lot, otherwise I would be mad 😉
    See you laters!

  2. JJ looks so happy in that ball pit. Might be a good gift idea for his play area upstairs. He will be turning the big 1 before we know it. He also looks appropriately serious on the drivers seat. Looks like he is pointing at a baby who is in his way and saying “Move out of the way! JJ is coming through!”

  3. finally there were some updates, JJ looked so happy….

  4. He looks so big in the car and ball pit!! Definately bigger than when he was here. Planning for x-mas will get i touch with you soon!

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