Nine Months!

Dearest Baby J –

On Friday you turned 9 months old!  And you proved to me, yet again, that you are really the best baby!  Certainly the bravest… Friday we also had your 9 month check up.  You are a healthy, if not a bit thin, boy!  75th%ile for height but only 30th%ile for weight.  Both your dad and I wonder where you came from, as we were both extremely fat babies!  You had to get some blood drawn – from your arm! – and I was very nervous.   The nurse, before she stuck the needle in your little arm, was all (to PoPo and I), You two really need to calm down.  Then she stuck the needle in – and I was quite ready to turn on the waterworks, in support of your pain.  But you didn’t make a peep.  I could see the blood filling up the vial, and yet, you were so so brave – not crying or anything!  When it was all over, the nurse was all, You could really learn something from your son.

And it is true – you are so calm and even keeled and smart and brave!  I have already learned so much from you, and I know that I will just continue to do so.

You are a speed crawler these days.  You always want to go for Ruby’s bed (to flop on) and then any errant shoes that we have left on the floor.  You often also make a beeline for the outlets (which have finally been babyproofed) or the curtains.

We’ve started you on chicken for some protein.  Dad cooked all Saturday morning so you’d have lots of good chicken babyfood, and it really is delicious!  I have been known to take a nip here and there.  The recipes are awesome – with onions, leeks, butternut squash, peas, etc (not all in the same one).  So very flavorful – you seem to enjoy them as well!

We went to your school last week for the classroom visit.  You loved it!  I knew that school would be good for you and that you would enjoy it, but now I really know that you will be having a blast there.  You were crawling all around, not even caring if PoPo or I were there!  You explored all the activity centers and said hi to all the other babies.  I was so proud!

You are really growing up!  Boom commented the other night that 3 months ago, you really couldn’t do much.  And now you are starting school tomorrow!  and in another 3 months you will likely be walking and talking a little!

I am the luckiest gal to be your mumsie.  You really do make me look good 🙂  I love you so so much.  You are such a good boy and a real cutie.  I know I like to call you “Tango Mike” (a.k.a. “Trouble Maker”) but you really are not.  You are just curious and want to see and feel everything around you!  I am looking forward to the next 3 months and beyond!




2 responses to “Nine Months!

  1. JJ is definitely becoming his own little guy these days. So happy to be able to experience it first hand 🙂

  2. Bam Bam,

    Your 8th month was a pretty eventful one. It started with my coming up to the Cape Cod to pick you and your Mummy up from your month long visit with my parents, siblings and your six cousins. You had grown up so much while you were away and you were a little nervous around me when I first saw you and picked you up. You quickly starting smiling again though and gave me a big hug. We got you back to home on your 2nd plane ride and you did just as great a job as when we flew up there. You have been flying all over the house in crawl mode and have gotten very good at standing up and cruising a step or two. Getting more confident every day. You really enjoy looking at the back door window and seem to love your reflection. You also really like to crawl to my office doors and stand up to say hello to Ruby. You and Ruby both seem to be taking more of an interest in each other. When she comes by you reach out to touch her head and she reaches out to sniff you and then give an approving lick on the foot or hand. You are real curious about everything and seem to have super hearing and sight powers. If anyone makes a noise you stop and look for it and if anything gets left out in reach you go right for it. Yesterday we were sitting on the rug and one of the fibers was askew. You were concentrating so hard to try and pull it out of the rug. You also seem to be liking stories a lot more now. You always sit and listen attentively and look at the pictures. You have been sleeping great at night now that your 3rd nap is gone, going to be around 6:30 PM and waking up around 6:00 AM. You also seem to be teething a little bit with your top teeth ready to break free.


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