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In the Double Digits

Dear Sweets –

On Monday you turned 10 months!  Holy cow – where did the time go?!  You are just getting bigger and bigger!  and cuter and cuter!

You have really been practicing your waving.  You used to wave with your palm facing you, and sometimes you still do, but really you now wave like a big boy!  You continue to be a quick crawler – if I happen to leave Ruby’s bed out, you will make a beeline for it!  You cruise around the furniture, but don’t love the little walker we got for you (yet).  I think you are just not quite ready for it.

You can crawl all the way up stairs!  It is a lot of good exercise for you.  Sometimes, though, you wise up and ask for a lift halfway through.  You really are into your books these days –  you love Brown Bear, Brown Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, My Very Own Name, Corduroy, and This is the Firefighter.  You will go over to the books and tap on the one you want us to read.  and you really pay attention when we read to you!  I like all of those books, but Corduroy kind of gets on my nerves.  So I can only read it but so many times.

You have been teething, which is no fun at all.  You get all the text book symptoms – fever, runny nose, congestion, face rash, diaper rash, etc.  I feel so bad for you, especially when you can’t sleep at night.  Then I know it is really bad, since you are such a good sleeper.  The ones that are coming in are the 2 on either side of your 2 front top teeth.  Supposedly, the top teeth are more painful than the bottom.  I just wish the whole teething process could get a little easier.

School is going well – you don’t really cry when I leave, and I know you like to play with all the kiddies.  You don’t nap well at school, and, for some reason, you won’t take your bottle there either.  On your long school day (9am – 230pm), I just keep you up (no napping when you get home!) so that you can go down for bed a little bit earlier, which is what you need.

We go to the Children’s Museum about once a week.  That family membership is already paid off, I believe!  You like crawling through the “tunnel” and sitting in the trucks.  You also get Spidey on me and climb up the slide!  It is actually very impressive.

You have really been enjoying bath time, splashing around and really playing with your bath toys.  We still only take an official bath every other day, but when you have poops, I usually do tops and tails in the sink, so you get many mini-bath throughout each day.

Park time has been much more enjoyable with the cooler weather.  You love to swing, and then crawl around and put everything in your mouth.  You’d crawl through the gravel, if I would let you.  I guess your knees know no pain – they have gotten toughened up from the hardwood and marble floors at home.

I think you are getting leaner, as you don’t really eat as much as you used to.  I wish you’d eat more, but I certainly can’t force you to!  You are long, and have long legs.  Everyone comments so!  PoPo now says that you really have your own opinions and ideas, and to try to make you do otherwise just doesn’t work.  She loves you so much, as do I.

You are still a laid back little dude, and I love that your personality is coming out more and more.  You   still love anything that is not a toy – it is like you have a radar and go immediately for the non-toy in a room full of toys.  Occasionally we will watch maybe 10 minutes of PBS Sprout (podcasts) and you really love Chica (the chicken puppet).  You will laugh and scream when she “talks”.

I really love getting you out of your crib in the morning – you are in high spirits and so happy to see me!  I also love when you are a little tired, and you want to snug snug with me – otherwise you have no time for that!  I really love you so, so, so, so much.  You are the best baby there is, and I am the luckiest mom around!  I am glad we are having so much fun together!




I was always considered the artist of the family, but I think I may have relinquish that title!  Mom always said she was not one bit artistic, but it just took her retiring and getting her first grandchild to tap into her artistic side:

Now she has the perfect subject – although I am sure her art teacher is tired of helping her sketch and paint JJ.  I’d say the likeness is very good – and babies in general are hard to sketch.  Good job, Mom!

Speaking of Baby J, at the ripe old age of 9 months, he came home from school with his first painting, a masterpiece by any measure:

I am so glad his school is fostering his inner artist! I can’t wait until we can do arts and crafts at home, too!

Recent Craftiness

The days leading up to My Pal Al’s shower were filled with my sewing machine whirling about – more action than it has seen in a while!  I think that all babies should have lots (or at least some) handmade items.  I made a ton of stuff for Baby J, but since my friends aren’t so crafty, he didn’t get too much handmade stuff for gifts.  Thus, I always like to make baby gifts, if at all possible.

So here is the stash that Little S (still in utero) recieved:

Two adorable bibs!  Of different weight, as it is nice to figure out what you like for what – a thinner bib for before solids, and then the really absorbent one for when food goes everywhere!

Two burpies – again in different weights for different applications.  I like the thinner one for when we are at story time and the thicker one could double for a changing pad, if need be.

A flannel blanket.  Little S is due just a month before Baby J was born, and we went through a million blankets.  He didn’t like to be swaddled with his arms down, so I found it easiest to swaddle him (arms out!) in just a simple flannel blanket.  The fancy ones with velcro and straps didn’t work for us.

A bucket to hold everything – it has been a while since I made a bucket!  But it all came back to me 🙂

Here is everything in the bucket. Are you sensing a color theme?  I didn’t want everything too matchy-matchy, but I did want everything to coordinate.

And as you know, presentation is everything!  So I knew I wanted to make Al a HUGE flower for the wrapping.  I even made the card, but I didn’t take a pic of it.

I know that Al and B really appreciate all my hard work and all the love that went into these gifts for Little S.  I can’t wait to meet her!


This past weekend I went up to the Big D for My Pal Al’s baby shower (which I helped co-hostess).  It was really great to see her, as well as other great friends I have know for over 20 years!  There really is nothing like old friends – there is a comfort level and ease that can only be achieved over many, many years!

You can barely tell which one is preggers (Ali is the one in the middle in the pink dress).   And it is so fun now that all of us are having kiddos and growing up.  I got to meet McK’s little boy for the first time (he and Baby J are just about 4-5 months apart!):

Her little boy, K, is adorable!

I hope that Baby J makes lots of good friends, so that he too can have many old friends when he grows up.  He’s getting a good start – he’s known Mustang since he was just 8 weeks old!

Hopefully they will remain friends for years to come – and look back at this picture and just be amazed that they have known each other for so long!

Mustang quite enjoyed pushing Baby J’s wagon, and Baby J loved getting the free ride!

My Cutie

Baby J is the cutest baby around, at least in my opinion!  And he is just a good, good baby.  I love you, bubby, so so much!

At his school, the teachers asked us to put photos of your kids family on these little red houses they provided, to be put in the crib.  The theory is if baby gets sad or fussy, he can look at the photo of his family and feel better.

I think he likes it!  I really wanted to get all the cousins in, but there was not enough space.  I am glad I got all the grandparents and aunts and uncle, at least.

He’s been napping pretty well at school, but now, if he wakes up, he can at least look at the all the people who love him!

Daily Drop Cap

Tingaling!  Terrific!  Tantalizing! Isn’t this cute?  Just stumbled upon this site via Eat Drink Chic and wanted to use the ‘T’ in something!

Deadline Crafter

I have decided that I am a “Deadline Crafter” – meaning I really only craft when I have a deadline looming over my head.  Which is ok – at least I can get my projects done when I need to.

One of my latest creations – a very girly toothfairy pillow for my niece, Little E.  Here’s the back – with the pocket where she will put her tooth, and the toothfairy can leave some loot:

And here is the front, with a ginormous tulle bow!

The next girl toothfairy pillow I make, I think I will either use less tulle, or maybe just a wide ribbon.  There was so much tulle that it made it quite difficult to sew.

There are lots of toothfairy pillow tuts out there – I just used the tooth shape from the Purl Bee, enlarged it, cut 2 pieces of fabric out, sewed together and stuffed.

Here is Little E’s entire birthday gift (the other two items are from Paper Source – a store just opened here in H-town!):

A handmade toothfairy pillow, scented colored pencils and a princess book that she puts together!  A pretty good gift, for a girl who (literally) has everything.  And I love encouraging her artsy side!

I’ve been crafting up a store in preparation for My Pal Al’s baby shower this weekend.  I’ll put up all the goodies I made for her and baby next week – a ton of good stuff, if I do say so myself!