Gym Class Hero

On Saturday, PoPo and I took you to your first Little Gym class of the semester.  Both you and PoPo really loved it!  You are so lively – when the other kids were sitting quietly in their parents lap, you were ready to crawl and jump around!  Which I love.  You saw your friend Mustang there with his dad – it was mainly dads and kids, so I am going to switch you to that class permanently so that you and Boom can have an activity together.

You were a little star – you hung on to the bar much longer than the other kiddies.  I think it helped that you were in class this past spring.

PoPo was so impressed with you and the class – and she does not impress easily (at least not with classes).  She really thinks it is a great class to have you in – and you get to get on all the different equipment, which is great for exploring and discovering!

You really had a good time, and were totally tuckered out. I just need to go with Boom the first time he attends, so that he will not be too cautious with you.  Your dad is much more of a nervous nelly than I am, but there needs to be one in every parenting couple.


2 responses to “Gym Class Hero

  1. Bubba,

    I can’t wait for Saturday morning. You had better be ready to pump some iron. We are going to run circles around the other father-son combos in that class!!

  2. Looks like a baby gymnast in the making!

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