What thou?

On Sunday, one of our favorite little gals celebrated her first birthday!  Little L is Baby J’s girlfriend.  They have been hanging out ever since JJ was 8 weeks old.

Here’s the cutie:

Her giraffe print dress was just perfect for her birthday at the zoo!  The kids even had animal encounters with a turtle and bunny (J was not so gentle with the bunny – kinda pulled its hair!).

Little L is walking and talking!  She is so advanced!  She loves to say “WOW” and combo that with “What’s that?” so it comes out “What’s thou?”.  I love it – so adorable!  I call it her Old English vernacular.  I had told Boom about her talking like that, so I was really glad at the party Little L said “What’s thou?” to Boom a few times (in reference to his water bottle).  Her cheeks are so irresistible!  I always have to scoop her up for a hug and some kisses!

I put JJ in an adorable sailor outfit (and linen, to boot!), but Boom really hated the ensemble.  I guess he thinks it is too girlie or something.

I love it – but with Labor Day approaching, it is time to put it up (so sad!).  and it wrinkles super easily.  I guess linen on a baby is not the most practical, but I guess no one has ever accused me of being the most practical person.

And here we are, Little L’s mom and myself with our little ones.  I think this pic came out pretty well!

I really like Little L’s mom – I think we’d be friends even without the kiddos!  Which is a good thing.


One response to “What thou?

  1. Cuteness! I adore baby J’s outfit! We need to do a photoshoot in it before he outgrows it!

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