Last Tuesday was Baby J’s first day of school.  He did great and loved it, as I knew he would.  Here’s us waiting to leave, after getting everything ready for his first day:

Little J had his whole entourage with him to drop him off – PoPo, Auntie Yarbs, Boom and I.

Here he is with Boom, about to enter the classroom:

He does look a little concerned there, but he is just wondering what is going on.  Once we got in the room, and put him down, he immediately crawled to another baby and they touched noses!  He could have cared less when we left.  What a good boy!

When we went back to pick him up, the room was dark and no teacher or baby was anywhere to be seen!  I was a little panicky, but figured there had to be a reasonable explanation – and there was – they were on a buggy ride!

PoPo and Yarbs had never seen such a 6-baby buggy – and they LOVED it so much!  I guess I have seen them since we lived near pre-schools in VA and also here in TX.  It is pretty cute!

Evidently right after the teachers (he has 2 – with  6 other babies in the class – but the first day and today there has been an extra teacher, I guess to help with the transition) had gotten the babies asleep, the fire alarm went off!  So J only got a short 15mins of a nap that first day.  I am hoping that he did well with both naps today.

He’s getting to be such a big boy!  Boom and I have already started discussing his kindergarten plans – hopefully the years won’t zoom on by to quickly!  The old adage about motherhood, “The days are long but the years are short”,  is so true, from my vast 9 months of experience.  Many days seem like years themselves, then it seems like weeks have flown by like nothing.


2 responses to “School!

  1. JJ did great on his first day. It was really neat to see him jump right into the action and say hello to the other babies.

  2. Where does the time go?! Hope his second day of school was as good as his first!

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