Tango Mike

Sometimes I really can’t believe how far Baby J has come!  From an adorable little lump:

(This is one of my most favorite pictures that Yarbs took at the hospital!  Look at how small JJ is and how sweetly Boom is patting him.  Love them.)

… to this already in a short 9 months!

J loves to pull up and cruise around on the sofa / daybed / coffee table / anything really.  And he is a good, good boy, but he has a mischievous / curious streak in him.   Which I am glad for (ha – I say that now…) as it gives him some spunk and character!

I often times like to call him “TM” or “Tango Mike” – code for “Trouble Maker”.  Since he is one.  And I love it.


4 responses to “Tango Mike

  1. So hard to believe those pics are of the same little guy! Can’t wait to see you guys today!

  2. Great photo E! We just got an SLR camera and I am excited (but a little intimidated!) to use it. 😉

    I love the code language! He’s such a cutie. Can’t wait to see you next weekend, TWB (I’ll tell you what that’s code for later!) (ok I have to think of it first, ha!)

  3. Bam Bam is loving his rides around the house on the fire engine. He is always so serious and when he sees Tingaling he makes me stop so he can say “Good afternoon Maam. We had a smoke detector malfunction in sector three so I came out to check out the situation. All is secure and there is no need to evacuate the premises. Have an excellent, but safe day!”

  4. Love the Pats pictures and comparisons from last year! Quite the change! JJ is looking great and he does have some sparkle in those eyes. Think you are going to have a run for your money. Miss you all!

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