Go Pats!

Sunday was the Pats and Baby J’s first football game of the season!  Baby J was really excited for it – he wanted me to bust out the face paint – I really had to convince him it was a bad idea.  The whole family did get dressed up to show off our Patriots pride (especially since we went over to a friend’s house who is a fan of ‘Nati to watch the game):

Again, Baby J has come so far!  He wasn’t even supposed to be born for his first game last year:

And now the Brady jersey onesie is really tight and nearly too small on him:

Baby J is such a good, good boy!  He didn’t event taunt the other kiddos when the Pats took their substantial lead!  I am glad I have been able to teach him such good sportsmanship!


3 responses to “Go Pats!

  1. I think I will get the NFL Direct Ticket. Can’t wait to watch all the games with JJ! He was so excited about putting on the jersey, but think I need to get him a larger one immediately!

  2. So so cute! I can’t believe he still fits in that jersey!
    I think JJ is definitely becoming a ham for the camera – he’s smiling in all the pics 🙂

  3. what a great pics, I haven´t able to use cmputer for the last few days….

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