Deadline Crafter

I have decided that I am a “Deadline Crafter” – meaning I really only craft when I have a deadline looming over my head.  Which is ok – at least I can get my projects done when I need to.

One of my latest creations – a very girly toothfairy pillow for my niece, Little E.  Here’s the back – with the pocket where she will put her tooth, and the toothfairy can leave some loot:

And here is the front, with a ginormous tulle bow!

The next girl toothfairy pillow I make, I think I will either use less tulle, or maybe just a wide ribbon.  There was so much tulle that it made it quite difficult to sew.

There are lots of toothfairy pillow tuts out there – I just used the tooth shape from the Purl Bee, enlarged it, cut 2 pieces of fabric out, sewed together and stuffed.

Here is Little E’s entire birthday gift (the other two items are from Paper Source – a store just opened here in H-town!):

A handmade toothfairy pillow, scented colored pencils and a princess book that she puts together!  A pretty good gift, for a girl who (literally) has everything.  And I love encouraging her artsy side!

I’ve been crafting up a store in preparation for My Pal Al’s baby shower this weekend.  I’ll put up all the goodies I made for her and baby next week – a ton of good stuff, if I do say so myself!

4 responses to “Deadline Crafter

  1. ha Tinger – I just got SMENCILS for a small friend too!!! and Paper Source is one of my fave shops ever!!! I wish we could go shopping there together right now – sigh. Love to watch the amazing things that happen when you get your craft on. Hope you guys are all well – love to you, Boom and especially JJ!!

  2. Wow – I actually thought that pillow was the Tooth Fairy! Those wings are huge!

  3. I love the toothfairy pillow – you are so talented!!! I am definitely a deadline project person too – I am at my most creative when I have an event to work towards. I’m glad you didn’t put whatever you made for this weekend on here, b/c you know I read your blog. 😉 Can’t wait to see you thisi weekend – and whatever it is you have up your sleeve!! xoxoxo

  4. Cuteness! I’m sure little E is going to love her gifties!

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