Daily Drop Cap

Tingaling!  Terrific!  Tantalizing! Isn’t this cute?  Just stumbled upon this site via Eat Drink Chic and wanted to use the ‘T’ in something!

One response to “Daily Drop Cap

  1. Felt bad that no one commented on the Daily Drop Cap post so here ya go. One of my favorite nick names for Tingaling has always been T-Bone so this Drop Cap is very appropriate. Tingaling has a hollow leg and has always had an impressive appetite. I mean to the point that she often times shames me at restaurants by polishing off her plate and then asking me to hand over what I am unable to finish. Makes you feel like a real man when your wife is cleaning your plate for you. No doubt it is do to the fact that she works out hard and builds up the appetite while I am more of a sloth by nature.

    Anyway T-Bone I think you out to use that Drop Cap on your next stationary and just embrace your nick-name!

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