My Cutie

Baby J is the cutest baby around, at least in my opinion!  And he is just a good, good baby.  I love you, bubby, so so much!

At his school, the teachers asked us to put photos of your kids family on these little red houses they provided, to be put in the crib.  The theory is if baby gets sad or fussy, he can look at the photo of his family and feel better.

I think he likes it!  I really wanted to get all the cousins in, but there was not enough space.  I am glad I got all the grandparents and aunts and uncle, at least.

He’s been napping pretty well at school, but now, if he wakes up, he can at least look at the all the people who love him!

3 responses to “My Cutie

  1. he is definitely a well-loved cutie!

  2. Bam Bam has his game face on in that first picture. I love the intensity. Wish he was wearing his Brady jersey in that photo. I would save it as my desktop.

  3. he is the cutiest..period….

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