This past weekend I went up to the Big D for My Pal Al’s baby shower (which I helped co-hostess).  It was really great to see her, as well as other great friends I have know for over 20 years!  There really is nothing like old friends – there is a comfort level and ease that can only be achieved over many, many years!

You can barely tell which one is preggers (Ali is the one in the middle in the pink dress).   And it is so fun now that all of us are having kiddos and growing up.  I got to meet McK’s little boy for the first time (he and Baby J are just about 4-5 months apart!):

Her little boy, K, is adorable!

I hope that Baby J makes lots of good friends, so that he too can have many old friends when he grows up.  He’s getting a good start – he’s known Mustang since he was just 8 weeks old!

Hopefully they will remain friends for years to come – and look back at this picture and just be amazed that they have known each other for so long!

Mustang quite enjoyed pushing Baby J’s wagon, and Baby J loved getting the free ride!


4 responses to “Friends

  1. How old is K? He looks like he is the same size as JJ.

  2. Cute photos! Hard to imagine it’s been so long since you’ve known these girls 🙂

  3. Great post. I just posted one about my two great friends I have known for 30 years…we have the pictures of our kids at that young age and we spent the week-end talking about them going to college soon. Treasure those friends!

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