Recent Craftiness

The days leading up to My Pal Al’s shower were filled with my sewing machine whirling about – more action than it has seen in a while!  I think that all babies should have lots (or at least some) handmade items.  I made a ton of stuff for Baby J, but since my friends aren’t so crafty, he didn’t get too much handmade stuff for gifts.  Thus, I always like to make baby gifts, if at all possible.

So here is the stash that Little S (still in utero) recieved:

Two adorable bibs!  Of different weight, as it is nice to figure out what you like for what – a thinner bib for before solids, and then the really absorbent one for when food goes everywhere!

Two burpies – again in different weights for different applications.  I like the thinner one for when we are at story time and the thicker one could double for a changing pad, if need be.

A flannel blanket.  Little S is due just a month before Baby J was born, and we went through a million blankets.  He didn’t like to be swaddled with his arms down, so I found it easiest to swaddle him (arms out!) in just a simple flannel blanket.  The fancy ones with velcro and straps didn’t work for us.

A bucket to hold everything – it has been a while since I made a bucket!  But it all came back to me 🙂

Here is everything in the bucket. Are you sensing a color theme?  I didn’t want everything too matchy-matchy, but I did want everything to coordinate.

And as you know, presentation is everything!  So I knew I wanted to make Al a HUGE flower for the wrapping.  I even made the card, but I didn’t take a pic of it.

I know that Al and B really appreciate all my hard work and all the love that went into these gifts for Little S.  I can’t wait to meet her!


2 responses to “Recent Craftiness

  1. You are so, so, so talented! Little S is a lucky girl to be receiving such crafty goodies!!! I’ve already put everything in her room, it looks so cute. It’s good to know what the different weight items are good for….good thing S will not have to resort to plain white burpies or bibs! 😉 Thank you again Tinger!!!!

  2. Great gifties! You girls are too cute 🙂

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