I was always considered the artist of the family, but I think I may have relinquish that title!  Mom always said she was not one bit artistic, but it just took her retiring and getting her first grandchild to tap into her artistic side:

Now she has the perfect subject – although I am sure her art teacher is tired of helping her sketch and paint JJ.  I’d say the likeness is very good – and babies in general are hard to sketch.  Good job, Mom!

Speaking of Baby J, at the ripe old age of 9 months, he came home from school with his first painting, a masterpiece by any measure:

I am so glad his school is fostering his inner artist! I can’t wait until we can do arts and crafts at home, too!


4 responses to “Artistes!

  1. I am glad that JJ is getting some of his Po Po and Mom’s artistic ability. Unfortunately his father is more of a sandwich artiste. In that he likes to eat them.

  2. Wow – looks like being artistic may run in the family 🙂 Hope little J is feeling better!

  3. I think the only and most important point in drawing is PATIENCE, as I am aging, patience come with it, but still not enough a long way to go…
    Hoping JJ is feeling better…

  4. Wensy, I am really impressed with your drawing of Jack, I agree with Ting that you ccaptured him. Keep up the good work!

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