In the Double Digits

Dear Sweets –

On Monday you turned 10 months!  Holy cow – where did the time go?!  You are just getting bigger and bigger!  and cuter and cuter!

You have really been practicing your waving.  You used to wave with your palm facing you, and sometimes you still do, but really you now wave like a big boy!  You continue to be a quick crawler – if I happen to leave Ruby’s bed out, you will make a beeline for it!  You cruise around the furniture, but don’t love the little walker we got for you (yet).  I think you are just not quite ready for it.

You can crawl all the way up stairs!  It is a lot of good exercise for you.  Sometimes, though, you wise up and ask for a lift halfway through.  You really are into your books these days –  you love Brown Bear, Brown Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, My Very Own Name, Corduroy, and This is the Firefighter.  You will go over to the books and tap on the one you want us to read.  and you really pay attention when we read to you!  I like all of those books, but Corduroy kind of gets on my nerves.  So I can only read it but so many times.

You have been teething, which is no fun at all.  You get all the text book symptoms – fever, runny nose, congestion, face rash, diaper rash, etc.  I feel so bad for you, especially when you can’t sleep at night.  Then I know it is really bad, since you are such a good sleeper.  The ones that are coming in are the 2 on either side of your 2 front top teeth.  Supposedly, the top teeth are more painful than the bottom.  I just wish the whole teething process could get a little easier.

School is going well – you don’t really cry when I leave, and I know you like to play with all the kiddies.  You don’t nap well at school, and, for some reason, you won’t take your bottle there either.  On your long school day (9am – 230pm), I just keep you up (no napping when you get home!) so that you can go down for bed a little bit earlier, which is what you need.

We go to the Children’s Museum about once a week.  That family membership is already paid off, I believe!  You like crawling through the “tunnel” and sitting in the trucks.  You also get Spidey on me and climb up the slide!  It is actually very impressive.

You have really been enjoying bath time, splashing around and really playing with your bath toys.  We still only take an official bath every other day, but when you have poops, I usually do tops and tails in the sink, so you get many mini-bath throughout each day.

Park time has been much more enjoyable with the cooler weather.  You love to swing, and then crawl around and put everything in your mouth.  You’d crawl through the gravel, if I would let you.  I guess your knees know no pain – they have gotten toughened up from the hardwood and marble floors at home.

I think you are getting leaner, as you don’t really eat as much as you used to.  I wish you’d eat more, but I certainly can’t force you to!  You are long, and have long legs.  Everyone comments so!  PoPo now says that you really have your own opinions and ideas, and to try to make you do otherwise just doesn’t work.  She loves you so much, as do I.

You are still a laid back little dude, and I love that your personality is coming out more and more.  You   still love anything that is not a toy – it is like you have a radar and go immediately for the non-toy in a room full of toys.  Occasionally we will watch maybe 10 minutes of PBS Sprout (podcasts) and you really love Chica (the chicken puppet).  You will laugh and scream when she “talks”.

I really love getting you out of your crib in the morning – you are in high spirits and so happy to see me!  I also love when you are a little tired, and you want to snug snug with me – otherwise you have no time for that!  I really love you so, so, so, so much.  You are the best baby there is, and I am the luckiest mom around!  I am glad we are having so much fun together!




2 responses to “In the Double Digits

  1. JJ, JJ, I love you, I love you, I love you……..

  2. Dr. JJ,
    Ten months is a big milestone! Like Mummy said you are in the double digits and you are making advances in leaps and bounds. You started to get the concept of waving this month and for the first week you always waved with your palm towards your and the back of your hand facing us. Mummy says this is common as you are seeing our palm and mimicking that movement. It was a quick transition though and in less than a week you had it down pat. Now when we get you out of bed in the morning your first move is to get over in front of the mirror and wave to yourself and laugh!

    You have decided that you don’t like your diaper and every time we lay you down to change it you squirm all over the place and try to flip on your stomach and get away. Daddy has made the mistake a few times of getting tired in the middle of the process and deciding that you can hang out for a few minutes sans diaper. I figured that I am taking a big wet diaper off of you so what possible harm can there be. Unfortunately for me it usually takes a whole two minutes before I hear you sigh in relief. I say “JJ what are you doing?” you get a big smile on your face and then take off leaving me to clean up a big pool of pea! Thanks Buddy! I don’t find it to be quite as hilarious as your do, but figure someday down the road when I am all old and crumpy I will return the favor to you in spades!

    Like Mummy said your teething this month was not a lot of fun for anyone. You really lost your appetite and your teachers at school said you refused your bottle. Now that they have cut through though you have two big front teeth, you can thank your Mummy for those whoppers! So you have 4 teeth and it looks like 2 more on top are about to break through. I was feeding you the other day and you clamped down on my finger and I can attest that those choppers work.

    You and I have been going to Little Gym on our own this month on Saturdays. You are the star of the class. Without question you are the bravest of all the babies in the class and always smile when trying new exercises while the rest of the babies get scared.

    You are a really determined little guy! When we put you down you go right after whatever you want. I have tried a few times to pick up your back legs to prevent you from moving and you work so hard to break free. I usually end up tiring out before you do.

    You will not let a tower stand on your watch! When we play upstairs I build towers with blocks and boxes and you are determined to knock each one of them down. After the first few times you won’t even let me construct them anymore. As soon as I put the second block on you are swiping it away and staring at me like Dirty Hairy. If you could talk you would say “Go ahead Daddy. Make my day!” and then bring your wrecking ball fist back into action.

    You seem to really like music and singing. Whenever I sing to you, you bounce up and down to the rhythm of the song. You definitely got those skills from me. Someday we will laugh together when Mummy dances, it is hilarious!

    This upcoming month we are going to focus on two things. I will be walking you around the house like a mad man on the weekends so you start to get more used to it. You are getting real close and I think you will get it nailed soon. Also I want to start rolling and tossing the ball with you so that you get interested in throwing and catching. Right now you are more interested in eating the ball every time we try to play. I love spending time with you and am so happy to be your Dad!

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