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11 months!

Mr. Cutie Pie –

On Wednesday you turned 11 months!  And with that, you also had your first ear infection.  I am just glad we were able to figure out what was wrong, as you never were really overly fussy, just not yourself.  We all attributed it to teething, but now I know not to do that.  Popo asked me why you didn’t cry more to let us know something was really wrong.  I told her I didn’t know, but that I wish you would!  Auntie Yarbs says you are a stoic little baby.  Just very brave and not very fussy!

Anyway, your top teeth are coming in well!  You love to use your tongue to feel all your teeth.  So you end up making lot of funny faces, which your dad and I both love!  Dad loves to imitate your funny faces back to you!

You really love your push wagon and other Radio Flyer items (wagon, tricycle, fire engine) – you like to push them all, and then ride on them all!  You balance is really great and I suspect you will be toddling along on your own in no time.

Dad loves to spend as much time with you as possible!  And you love it too – when he is around, I am like chopped liver!  You guys are definitely best friends!

Dad really likes when the weather is nice and you guys can wrestle outside!  It has been quite hot, but may be cooling down again, thank goodness.

Bathtime continues to be a fav of yours.  Unfortunately, you are outgrowing your little duckie tub and we’ll have to bathe you just in the regular tub.  I am not sure if I am ready for that.  But you take up all the room in the duckie tub – so all the water spills over.  and you like to stand up and explore around the tub, which makes actually cleaning you difficult.

We still go to the park a few times a week, even when it is really hot.  I wanted to try the front to back sharing of the baby swing, but you were not down with it.  I guess you like your space!  This is a newer friend, Abs, whom Dad mistook for a dude in a photo, so now that is an on-going joke between Ab’s mom, Amy, and me.

You have so many friends!  Here is a sneak peek of our photoshoot with mommies and babies at the park.  So fun!

You love it when Auntie Yarbs comes over to visit, which she usually does 2-3 times a week.  You always like to play with her fun jewelery and ruffly tops!  And when she leaves, you love to follow her to the door and wave bye-bye.

We visit the Children’s Museum once a week, and you favorite activity is climbing up the slide!  Everyone is always so impressed with your spidey skillz!  The Tot Spot really is a great place for little ones – you get to see some friends and explore, and have lots of fun!

Popo came to visit for about a week and you loved having her around.  Every morning she would take you out back for some fresh air and to see the birdies!  You get so excited to see the birds!  She really loves you so so much.  Whenever she calls, the first question out of her mouth is, how is JJ?  and the last thing she says is, give JJ a kiss from me!  She’ll be back soon for your birthday party, which we will celebrate early in just a couple weeks!

You really are a little person.  I love it when we play games and you giggle and look at me all mischievously!  We’ve been having so much fun – I love getting to hang out with you everyday!  You are becoming more vocal, and say, mamama, and sometimes I think you know that that refers to me!  You are becoming a pro at giving kisses – mainly to your teddy bears and Raider, your stuffed dog, but sometimes you will give Dad or me or Popo or Auntie Yarbs a big wet open mouth kiss and we all love it!

I love you, Bubby, more than you will ever know!  I actually started to cry last night as we were watching a TV show and the kid was heading off to college.  I was all, Boom, I don’t want JJ to leave us for college!  And he was all, (you are cra-cra) Don’t worry, where ever he goes, we can get a little apartment there so we can go visit.  Which is a great idea!  I just told him it would have to be a 2 bedroom, as Popo will likely be visiting as much as me!

Thanks for being the best little boy ever.  I can’t wait to see what next month and next year brings!  and just remember, I will always be here for you.  No matter how big you get, you will always be my #1 baby.





Play! and hugs…

Although most books tell us that at this age, babies parallel play – meaning they play next to each other and not with each other – I think Baby J and Mustang actually do play with each other!!!

I think it helps that Mustang is a few months older than Baby J – and it helps that we see them a lot!  So they recognize each other.

I really think they are playing together and having fun with each other!

Mustang loves to give hugs, and if Baby J is anywhere near by, he is usually the recipient of Mustang’s hugs!  Which I think is adorable.

Here Mustang is incoming!  Lots of times the hug ends when the boys are on the ground (or when Cowgirl tears Mustang off of JJ) – Mustang likes to give long hugs!  and he has started giving kisses, so I need to capture that on film!  It really is too adorable.

I think JJ has gotten used to Mustang’s hugs – I tell Mustang to enjoy it now as at some point JJ will probably start fending off his hugs!  But right now, it really is just too adorable!



On Friday night, Boom and I had a very adult (and late) night out – attending Houston Grand Opera’s new production of Madame Butterfly and the opening night dinner.  We had a fabulous time!

I’ve never seen Butterfly – have always heard about it – so am glad I finally got to see it!  The new production had me in tears – it is such a sad, sad story.  and the music is so beautiful – gotta love Puccini.  I was surprised I was moved so much – I really didn’t expect to cry at all, let alone as hard and long as I did.  I have never been so moved by any performing art performance.

And the post-performance opening night dinner was a lot of fun!  Even Boom, who had his doubts, had a really good time.  I loved not having to work the event, and it was good seeing lot of friends and making new ones!

But man, we were beat by the end of the evening.  We didn’t get home until past midnight, and that is really, really late for us!  Oh well, Boom got a nap in while Baby J slept on Saturday – and I got a little caught up on blogging and emails!

I am lucky I have such a great hubs that will go along with my cra cra plans, even if he kinda doesn’t want to, and then admit when he has had a good time!  I think he is going to come to Peter Grimes with me this Friday, even though I have given him an out multiple times!  Love you, Boom!


A couple months ago, we got Baby J an excellent Haba Walker Wagon – and for weeks, I loved it way more than he did.  and then for a while, he loved getting rides in the wagon, and not pushing it.

But now I think he is finally old enough for it – and has been pushing it around like a wild man!

We sometimes have to keep a finger or two on the wagon, as it can get going pretty fast, but sometimes JJ is able to push it all on his own!  Actually, I usually do have to keep a hand on the wagon, mainly to help steer.  Baby J is a drunk steerer!

The wagon’s turning radius is not great, so sometimes when JJ is at the end of the hall, he just improvises to be able to push the other way:

I don’t know how crawling around on the marble / hardwood floors / concrete sidewalks don’t hurt his knees, but he seems to be no worse for the wear.

This morning, Baby J went up and down the length of our house no less than 5 times.  I think it is his new cardio regime!

Channeling his inner Maverick

At last Friday’s play group, I decided Baby J should bust out the adorable flight suit that our great friend J and M in Dallas gave us.  And all the mommies LOVED the flight suit!  It was a huge hit!  I guess it helps when the model is just too adorable.

Baby J is ready to get on the Highway to the Danger Zone!  Good thing he can’t walk, as that sounds much too dangerous for him!

My favorite comment from one of the moms:  “When I thought Baby J’s outfits couldn’t get any cuter, he shows up in this!  It is sooo adorable!”

Like I said, I usually look like a homeless woman, but my baby – he always looks good 🙂


Happy Birthday, Boom!

A great thing happened many moons ago – my best friend and love of my life was born!  Boom – happy, happy birthday!  You are the best man I know – and now the best dad ever!  Love, Tingaling

Dada – Happy birthday!  Thank you for being so excited that I am here.  Ever since the doctor pulled me out – butt first – you have been my biggest fan and best friend.  I love when you sing to me – it always puts a smile on my face.  And all the voices you make when you read to me are awesome!  I know you have spent (and will spend) many hours putting things together for me to play with – thanks for that!  and thanks for working so hard so Mummy and I can lounge around, feeding each other bonbons.

I love going to Little Gym with you – it’s really fun to have some guys only time.  And watching football – we’ve got to get Mummy a new Pats jersey!  Swing time at the park is extra fun when you are there, but you sometimes need to push me higher 🙂

I love riding on your shoulders – it’s so fun to be such a tall baby!  and wrestling is fun – of course I always pin you – maybe someday I’ll let you pin me!  I really like it when you let me wear your plastic watch – but I have my eye on your shiny watch – please keep it in good condition for me!

I love you, Dada!


Baby J


I know every parent thinks their baby is the cutest ever, but sometimes I will take a picture of Baby J and it nearly takes my breath away because he is so adorable!

Last night Boom and I gave him a tubby, and I captured the most adorable boy with my camera:

Is he not the cutest EVER?!  and not just cute on the outside, but such a good, good boy!

When I put him down at 630 p.m., sometimes I forget to check the monitor for hours because there usually isn’t a peep out of him after the first few minutes.  A lot of times there just isn’t a peep out of him, period, after I put him down.

Boom and I are so lucky to be his parents!  and his good sleeping habits are just the tip of the iceberg of reasons why (I also like to think that I had a lot to do with his good sleeping habits (a.k.a. sleep training) – see, it isn’t a bad thing to want to let your baby cry it out after just 3 months – which I didn’t since the pediatrician advised against it).

Anyway, we do feel so blessed to have Baby J in our lives.  He is just the bestest!