My Favorite Guys

We’ve been spoiled by having Boom around the past year much more than he ever had been before.  And now that he is busier and having to travel more, neither Baby J nor I are too happy about it.  Just because we miss him!

Anyway, on the weekends, when Boom is not working, he makes a point to spend lots and lots of time with Baby J.  He’ll even put him down for bed, which is really great for me 🙂

One of Baby J’s favorite past times is being read Dr. Seuss books.  His current favorites are Fox in Socks and The Cat in the Hat.  Both Boom and I have read these so many times, we practically have the books memorized!  I like it when Boom gives funny voices to each of the characters.

And JJ has no problem just making himself comfortable and at home:

He oft times likes to kick his leg up – while reading, in his car seat, where ever!  He is such a funny and fun baby!


3 responses to “My Favorite Guys

  1. he is definitely the cutest!

  2. Yep, and JJ isn’t too shabby either!

  3. he is such a cutie, I missed him a lot, see you guys soon…

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