Some pics

These days, it is hard for me to get a good pic of Baby J with my little point and shoot camera – he is just too quick!

He wore his pink shirt from Yarb’s surprise party last Friday – I want him to wear it a few more times before it is too small!

It was a big hit with all the playgroup moms!  I usually look like a bag lady, but my little man always looks great!

We got some hand-me-downs when JJ was born from his Japanese cousins.  Most of the stuff is really great, like these psychedelic ‘sroom pants:

They fit in the waist, but are a little short.  I think the Japanese cousins were shorter and rounder than JJ.  I also love this giraffe t-shirt:

You can’t tell, but JJ is really getting a lot of hair!  It is just super fine, like his dads, so in the light it kind of disappears.

I am realizing that JJ needs some fall clothes!  Tomorrow I am going to hit Old Navy for some new PJs.  I think I might order some casual wear from Mini Boden.  He definitely needs some jeans, but Boom said baby True Religions were not in the cards for him (boo).


3 responses to “Some pics

  1. That is one good looking little boy! Get him some new clothes already…

  2. he is getting cutier and bigger, more looks like a little boy than a baby….

  3. We need to take some remix photos of baby J in all his cute clothes before he outgrows them all 🙂

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