I know every parent thinks their baby is the cutest ever, but sometimes I will take a picture of Baby J and it nearly takes my breath away because he is so adorable!

Last night Boom and I gave him a tubby, and I captured the most adorable boy with my camera:

Is he not the cutest EVER?!  and not just cute on the outside, but such a good, good boy!

When I put him down at 630 p.m., sometimes I forget to check the monitor for hours because there usually isn’t a peep out of him after the first few minutes.  A lot of times there just isn’t a peep out of him, period, after I put him down.

Boom and I are so lucky to be his parents!  and his good sleeping habits are just the tip of the iceberg of reasons why (I also like to think that I had a lot to do with his good sleeping habits (a.k.a. sleep training) – see, it isn’t a bad thing to want to let your baby cry it out after just 3 months – which I didn’t since the pediatrician advised against it).

Anyway, we do feel so blessed to have Baby J in our lives.  He is just the bestest!

4 responses to “OMG

  1. He loves his tub-time. I think maybe because you got him into the pool so early. Loves to splash and kick. He will however refuse to stay still as soon as he gets soapy he wants to stand up and investigate everything. Tough to get a handle on him when he is all slick.

  2. I agree – his expression and pose in this photo are priceless!

  3. he is the best and cutest baby ever….

  4. Finally getting caught up on the blog. John told me Jack was liking the stairs, I don’t blame him for wanting a ride up half way. That is quite the staircase for a little guy!
    Glad Dad got a nice B-day celebration as I have told him he has had quite the year! Jack bing the highlight and another on the way. Soooooo blessed!

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