Happy Birthday, Boom!

A great thing happened many moons ago – my best friend and love of my life was born!  Boom – happy, happy birthday!  You are the best man I know – and now the best dad ever!  Love, Tingaling

Dada – Happy birthday!  Thank you for being so excited that I am here.  Ever since the doctor pulled me out – butt first – you have been my biggest fan and best friend.  I love when you sing to me – it always puts a smile on my face.  And all the voices you make when you read to me are awesome!  I know you have spent (and will spend) many hours putting things together for me to play with – thanks for that!  and thanks for working so hard so Mummy and I can lounge around, feeding each other bonbons.

I love going to Little Gym with you – it’s really fun to have some guys only time.  And watching football – we’ve got to get Mummy a new Pats jersey!  Swing time at the park is extra fun when you are there, but you sometimes need to push me higher 🙂

I love riding on your shoulders – it’s so fun to be such a tall baby!  and wrestling is fun – of course I always pin you – maybe someday I’ll let you pin me!  I really like it when you let me wear your plastic watch – but I have my eye on your shiny watch – please keep it in good condition for me!

I love you, Dada!


Baby J


3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Boom!

  1. Tingaling and Baby J – Thanks for the birthday wishes. I love both of you very much!

  2. Happy birthday Boom! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Happy b-date….

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