A couple months ago, we got Baby J an excellent Haba Walker Wagon – and for weeks, I loved it way more than he did.  and then for a while, he loved getting rides in the wagon, and not pushing it.

But now I think he is finally old enough for it – and has been pushing it around like a wild man!

We sometimes have to keep a finger or two on the wagon, as it can get going pretty fast, but sometimes JJ is able to push it all on his own!  Actually, I usually do have to keep a hand on the wagon, mainly to help steer.  Baby J is a drunk steerer!

The wagon’s turning radius is not great, so sometimes when JJ is at the end of the hall, he just improvises to be able to push the other way:

I don’t know how crawling around on the marble / hardwood floors / concrete sidewalks don’t hurt his knees, but he seems to be no worse for the wear.

This morning, Baby J went up and down the length of our house no less than 5 times.  I think it is his new cardio regime!


One response to “Wagon!

  1. That regime was on top of his crawling up the stairs faster than I can walk up them. He was a complete speed demon. He wasn’t even winded when he got to the top.

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