On Friday night, Boom and I had a very adult (and late) night out – attending Houston Grand Opera’s new production of Madame Butterfly and the opening night dinner.  We had a fabulous time!

I’ve never seen Butterfly – have always heard about it – so am glad I finally got to see it!  The new production had me in tears – it is such a sad, sad story.  and the music is so beautiful – gotta love Puccini.  I was surprised I was moved so much – I really didn’t expect to cry at all, let alone as hard and long as I did.  I have never been so moved by any performing art performance.

And the post-performance opening night dinner was a lot of fun!  Even Boom, who had his doubts, had a really good time.  I loved not having to work the event, and it was good seeing lot of friends and making new ones!

But man, we were beat by the end of the evening.  We didn’t get home until past midnight, and that is really, really late for us!  Oh well, Boom got a nap in while Baby J slept on Saturday – and I got a little caught up on blogging and emails!

I am lucky I have such a great hubs that will go along with my cra cra plans, even if he kinda doesn’t want to, and then admit when he has had a good time!  I think he is going to come to Peter Grimes with me this Friday, even though I have given him an out multiple times!  Love you, Boom!


3 responses to “Butterfly!

  1. Glad you enjoyed the show. Apparently many of my yoga peeps were there Friday night too – Angela, Ed and Ben, to name a few 🙂

  2. Thought the production was very well done and a great story. Enjoyed the after party hanging with my beautiful bride Tingaling!

  3. Happy you guys enjoyed the production, althought I saw it three times already but it is still my favorate show……

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