Play! and hugs…

Although most books tell us that at this age, babies parallel play – meaning they play next to each other and not with each other – I think Baby J and Mustang actually do play with each other!!!

I think it helps that Mustang is a few months older than Baby J – and it helps that we see them a lot!  So they recognize each other.

I really think they are playing together and having fun with each other!

Mustang loves to give hugs, and if Baby J is anywhere near by, he is usually the recipient of Mustang’s hugs!  Which I think is adorable.

Here Mustang is incoming!  Lots of times the hug ends when the boys are on the ground (or when Cowgirl tears Mustang off of JJ) – Mustang likes to give long hugs!  and he has started giving kisses, so I need to capture that on film!  It really is too adorable.

I think JJ has gotten used to Mustang’s hugs – I tell Mustang to enjoy it now as at some point JJ will probably start fending off his hugs!  But right now, it really is just too adorable!



3 responses to “Play! and hugs…

  1. Looks like they are having a pretty good time out there. That outfit makes JJ look so short.

  2. both of them are so adorable……

  3. The kiddos are too cute, especially our little baby J.
    P.S. Remember to give photo credits 🙂

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