11 months!

Mr. Cutie Pie –

On Wednesday you turned 11 months!  And with that, you also had your first ear infection.  I am just glad we were able to figure out what was wrong, as you never were really overly fussy, just not yourself.  We all attributed it to teething, but now I know not to do that.  Popo asked me why you didn’t cry more to let us know something was really wrong.  I told her I didn’t know, but that I wish you would!  Auntie Yarbs says you are a stoic little baby.  Just very brave and not very fussy!

Anyway, your top teeth are coming in well!  You love to use your tongue to feel all your teeth.  So you end up making lot of funny faces, which your dad and I both love!  Dad loves to imitate your funny faces back to you!

You really love your push wagon and other Radio Flyer items (wagon, tricycle, fire engine) – you like to push them all, and then ride on them all!  You balance is really great and I suspect you will be toddling along on your own in no time.

Dad loves to spend as much time with you as possible!  And you love it too – when he is around, I am like chopped liver!  You guys are definitely best friends!

Dad really likes when the weather is nice and you guys can wrestle outside!  It has been quite hot, but may be cooling down again, thank goodness.

Bathtime continues to be a fav of yours.  Unfortunately, you are outgrowing your little duckie tub and we’ll have to bathe you just in the regular tub.  I am not sure if I am ready for that.  But you take up all the room in the duckie tub – so all the water spills over.  and you like to stand up and explore around the tub, which makes actually cleaning you difficult.

We still go to the park a few times a week, even when it is really hot.  I wanted to try the front to back sharing of the baby swing, but you were not down with it.  I guess you like your space!  This is a newer friend, Abs, whom Dad mistook for a dude in a photo, so now that is an on-going joke between Ab’s mom, Amy, and me.

You have so many friends!  Here is a sneak peek of our photoshoot with mommies and babies at the park.  So fun!

You love it when Auntie Yarbs comes over to visit, which she usually does 2-3 times a week.  You always like to play with her fun jewelery and ruffly tops!  And when she leaves, you love to follow her to the door and wave bye-bye.

We visit the Children’s Museum once a week, and you favorite activity is climbing up the slide!  Everyone is always so impressed with your spidey skillz!  The Tot Spot really is a great place for little ones – you get to see some friends and explore, and have lots of fun!

Popo came to visit for about a week and you loved having her around.  Every morning she would take you out back for some fresh air and to see the birdies!  You get so excited to see the birds!  She really loves you so so much.  Whenever she calls, the first question out of her mouth is, how is JJ?  and the last thing she says is, give JJ a kiss from me!  She’ll be back soon for your birthday party, which we will celebrate early in just a couple weeks!

You really are a little person.  I love it when we play games and you giggle and look at me all mischievously!  We’ve been having so much fun – I love getting to hang out with you everyday!  You are becoming more vocal, and say, mamama, and sometimes I think you know that that refers to me!  You are becoming a pro at giving kisses – mainly to your teddy bears and Raider, your stuffed dog, but sometimes you will give Dad or me or Popo or Auntie Yarbs a big wet open mouth kiss and we all love it!

I love you, Bubby, more than you will ever know!  I actually started to cry last night as we were watching a TV show and the kid was heading off to college.  I was all, Boom, I don’t want JJ to leave us for college!  And he was all, (you are cra-cra) Don’t worry, where ever he goes, we can get a little apartment there so we can go visit.  Which is a great idea!  I just told him it would have to be a 2 bedroom, as Popo will likely be visiting as much as me!

Thanks for being the best little boy ever.  I can’t wait to see what next month and next year brings!  and just remember, I will always be here for you.  No matter how big you get, you will always be my #1 baby.






4 responses to “11 months!

  1. Wow, time really flies! Little JJ – you are such a joy to be around and really the light of my life! I live for your little kisses!

  2. JJ is part of my life, when I am with friends JJ has to be the first topic we were talking about ( all of my friends knew only after talking about JJ, I will be interesting in talking something else), everyday, dad and I will talk about JJ, everynight, JJ and his smile accompany me into my dream…..may be that’s the grandparents are……

  3. Aw, what a sweet post!! That was such a great update and glimpse into JJ’s life – he is getting so big! 🙂 And E, great photo of all the moms and babies in the park!

    By the way, I think my Mom (Mimi) does the same thing – talks about Stella with her friends before anything else!

  4. Little JJ,

    You are growing up so fast and learning new things every day. As Tingaling said in her letter this month was tough with your ear ache. You were uncomfortable a good amount of the month with theething and the ear, but you muscled through it like the little tough guy that you are.

    At the beginning of the month you only liked to be pushed around in your new wagon, but by the end of the month you wanted to walk with it all the time and the pushing needed to be much faster to keep you happy. I got you going pretty quick back up and down the hallway one night and your wre all slouched back in the seat with your trademark two finger look. You were really having a good time and whenever I got tired and tried to stop the fun you would get all POd and start to wail at me until I started the game up again. I think ultimately you fell asleep in the seat on the last run because when I went to make my spin out turn you went flying out of the seat head first and slid on down the hall. You had this surprised look on your face, but started laughing as soon as I grabbed you up off the floor.

    You have been keeping really active with school, play group, the park, the children’s museum, and Little Gym. You and I have a lot of fun on Saturday’s at Little Gym, but by the end of class you are soo tired and when I get you to the house we do a quick hand off to Mummy and then you are asleep in her arms before she gets you up to bed.

    I love to play with you on the floor and you are just starting to get the concept of rolling the ball back to us. Soon enough we will be playing catch which will be awesome. You will be walking on your own soon as well and I am sure after that you will be in non-stop motion. Can’t wait to chase you around and make you laugh.

    I love you so much JJ.

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