Lobsta, anyone?

Though Houston is not known for its lobstering, I managed to catch a 20-pounder this weekend:

Yes, JJ was an ADORABLE (if not a bit grumpy) lobster for Halloween!  The festivities started with a trip to the pumpkin patch:

JJ had strong opinions on what pumpkin we should pick…

Since we went to the pumpkin patch close to our house, we just walked.  Which was great on the way over.  On the way back, we had a new baby!

Boom carried JJ and I pushed our pumpkin baby in the stroller.

Our first Halloween party was with play group – what fun!  When all the kids were dressed, they were all super grumpy and all the moms were laughing hysterically!

It was way too warm for all the fuzzy costumes.  But the kids were troopers, not that they had any choice.

On Saturday, we went to the Little Gym party – and it really was quite warm, so we used Baby J’s back-up costume: Maverick from Top Gun!

We met up with our friends there – here is a pic of the dads that take the boys to gym class on Saturday mornings:

And here are the moms:

Little L was a ladybug – and there were no less than 5 other ladybugs!  I guess it is an adorable bug to dress up as.  I can’t wait for next Halloween when Brady Gaga is around – I will do some sort of couple costume – like Pooh and Piglet or a pot of honey – and I will do this until they kiddos are old enough to rebel!

Anyway, on actual Halloween night, we dressed Baby J up and just went to a few houses to say hi to neighbors.  He was really excited, can’t you tell?!


2 responses to “Lobsta, anyone?

  1. JJ really loved that costume. He looks so happy to be in it.

  2. Fun photos! I love the last one – his expression is priceless 🙂

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