Under the Weather

Everyone in our household has been feeling a bit under the weather lately.  It started with Baby J and his ear infection, which – 3 weeks later is still there – we are now going to attempt to clear up with a series of 3 shots.  Fun times.  And I caught a little something when the weather turned from 90 degree heat to 50 and cold!  Boom has been battling allergies for a few months now – hopefully they will be subsiding soon?

Anyway, sorry for not posting last week – I fell running on Monday morning, and the week just didn’t get any better.  At least Mumsie came down to help out.  It all culminated with Baby J vomiting 3 times last night in the middle of the night within the span of an hour.  It’s always fun to run out to the 24-hour CVS at 1am to pick up some Pedialyte.

Anyway, here is a picture of the cutie – at one of the 2 bday parties we attended this weekend.

He’s all, I’m pretty much a big deal.  I even did a frat tuck with his rugby shirt into his jeans, so he is way too cool for school!

Speaking of, no school for J this week.  He needs to get healthy for his first bday party on Saturday!  And with the shots, it will just be too much.  We are becoming hermits this week, in hopes of getting healthy.


4 responses to “Under the Weather

  1. So sorry you guys are feeling bad! Hopefully some rest this week will do the trick! see you laters!

  2. That is one cute, bald little boy!

  3. hoping all the sickness will be away from my jj….

  4. oh gosh, i didn’t know about how you fell too! i am so sorry about all that has been going on these past few weeks! we are thinking about you guys and hoping you are fully recovered for the big day! love his cool guy look, by the way!

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