First 1st Birthday Party!

Sorry I have been so MIA – last week everyone was sick and I was furiously getting ready for Baby J’s 1st bday party (and this week we’ve had out of town guests until yesterday)!  Luckily, everyone got healthy for the big day, and everything went off without a hitch!

Here we are with our adorable little boy – I can’t believe it has been nearly a year since he was born!  and what a year it has been!  J – you truly are an amazing baby!

We are so blessed to have so many friends celebrate Baby J’s milestone!  And we’ve only been in H-town for less than 3 years.  There were about 60 adults and kids / babies at the party.

Here is the little guy enjoying his little smash cake.  He is like his dad in his methodical ways – he absolutely pulverized his little cake row by imaginary row to the exact same consistency.  It was pretty amazing to watch.

His proud maternal grandparents!  I didn’t know it, but mom and dad talk about JJ every night!  So adorable!

Many, many thanks to Yarbs for taking all the beautiful pictures!  There are so many details I want to show – but I will save those for a later post.

Next week when we are up at my parents’ house, mom is throwing Baby J a second 1st birthday party, on his actual birthday!  What a lucky boy!


3 responses to “First 1st Birthday Party!

  1. I can hands down say that JJ’s birthday was the best birthday party that I have ever attended and that he and I are the luckiest guys in the world to have Tingaling! The amount of thought and effort that she puts into planning special events is truly amazing and has this year resulted in two fabulous birthday celebrations for JJ and for Yarbs.

    JJ did a great job with his first piece of cake. Watching him go through it methodically and crush it all up made me think that he thought there was some special treat hidden somewhere inside of it. Maybe he will be an archeologist or an important scientist one day! I have come to realize that there is nothing that gets by little JJ so it is fruitless to try and pull one over on him! He is like a modern day baby Sherlock Holmes!

  2. The party was a definite success! Baby J is a lucky baby and we are lucky to have him 🙂

    Maybe we should start a party planning/photo business 🙂


  3. the party is definitely a great one, I had a good time talking to a lot of mothers and holding and watching baby J.
    somehow I felt baby J has changed, he understood a lot of things I said, it’s such a wonderful feeling.
    JAJA, I love love love….you………

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