My amazing Baby J –

You are ONE!  I can’t believe it!!!!  Where did this year go?!  It has been a wild, incredible journey so far – you have made me such a better person than I thought possible.  Every day is a new adventure with you – and I am just trying my best to keep up and not let you down!

This past month seems to have been the month of birthdays.  You had 2 other friends turn one – here you are (above) at Sven’s park birthday with your friend Ash.  She looks so adorable with her party hat on!

And here we are at Izzy’s bday at the Children’s Museum.  So much fun celebrating with all your buddies!  But I think you liked your bday the best – mainly because you got a whole cake to yourself!

Dad loves this pic of you, as you have a little look on your face, all, I know – I am a pretty big deal.  And your demolished cake is in full view!  Your party was a lot of work (and, by some, claimed to be “extravagant” – but hey, I am not know to do anything halfway.  Of course your first birthday party was going to be the party of the year:-), but well worth it.

You also got to meet your first relatives on GongGong’s side – Uncle Tom (well, my cousin Tom, so your 2nd cousin?), Aunt Suzi and their little girl, Z.  Here are going in for your patented open mouth kiss.  Looks like you might just take a chunk out of her cheek!  It was great having them around, especially little Z – she is about 10 months older than you, so you really improved your walking with her around.

And your first joint bath!  You liked (or at least didn’t mind it) until Little Z started yelling – then you were all, can I get out now?

You got your first pair of big boy shoes!  A blue, velcro number from Stride Rite. Who knew baby shoes are $50+?!  You like them, but are still getting used to them.  You are really smart, though, ’cause any time I have a pair of your shoes and say, where do shoes go?  you grab your feet!

We went up to PoPo and GongGong’s for Thanksgiving.  You did alright on the car ride up (it was your longest to date!) and boy, PoPo and GongGong were so happy to see you!  You amazed them with your mad walking skillz and wow’ed them with your talking abilities!  You loved looking at your picture and saying, bayyyyyyy-beeeeeeeee.  PoPo is convinced you are a baby genius.

You got to see your Aunt Yaya (again, a cousin of mine, so you 2nd cousin? semantics…) and she was bowled over by how adorable you are!

Here we all are before the big feast.  It was pretty cold up in N. Texas, good thing we didn’t go out too too much!  But when we did go out, we were able to walk to a cute little lake front park down the street from PoPo and GongGongs.

I love this picture that Auntie Yarbs took of us at the park – you can’t tell by looking, but Dad is nearly dying from the black lung (aka bad allergies).  He was a trooper that whole trip!  (Many thanks, Yarbs, for taking all the Thanksgiving weekend pics!)

Here you are with your favorite auntie!  Yarbs really does love you so much.  She is always behind the camera, so we don’t have enough pics of you with her!

Your two fingers are still your very favorite, with your blue elephant lovie being a close 2nd.  Whenever Elephant is dirty, you have to settle for Bunny, which is just a poor man’s substitute.

Now you love to give things to us, but usually you want them right back.  You also motion with your whole arm and grunt when there is something you see that you want.  Most of the time we can figure out what it is you want, but sometimes it is a mystery.

Your appetite is still not what I would like it to be.  I think you want to be the Kate Moss of babies!  I really need to stop worrying about it, but I can’t help it – it really does stress me out!  But there is nothing I can do, I can’t force feed you!  Your legs are muscular, but pretty thin.  Dad just says they look thin because the calf area is so large that your thighs are not much bigger than your calves.  I guess you got my side of the family calves (or cows).

We need to transition you off the bottle and onto cow’s milk, but with your waif-ey eating habits, I am nervous to do so.  I think it will be a slow transition.  I think this is just a weird eating stage that most babies go through. I just hope it ends soon!

You are really a good walker – you still kinda look like a baby zombie, as your hands are near your head for balance – but soon enough you won’t need to walk like that.  You haven’t yet mastered standing up from sitting down without pulling up on something, but that is hard!  All in good time…

Thank you, Baby J, for making this past year the most incredible one of my life.  I love you so so much!




4 responses to “ONE!!!

  1. Wow, so much can happen in one year, no? Baby J is the joy of our life! His big boy chair should be on its way shortly!

  2. dear JJ, “I can’t stop love you”, I thought that just words in a song, but it is true, I can’t stop love you, , YOU give me so much joys .I am smiling just thinking about you, I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE YOU…….

  3. Great kids indeed, i love the photograph. Regards, David

  4. Fun to catch up on your Thanksgiving holiday, and see all the pictures. Sorry to hear everyone has been under the weather— get healthy because it is Colddd up here. Glad Wensy is close enough to get down frequently to help out. jj is looking so grown -up! take care and can’t wait to see you all.

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