Back to Normal

After a couple trying weeks, our little Baby J seems to be back to his normal, happy self.  We now put him down at 6pm, and doesn’t get out of bed until 630ish am!  (Thank goodness for Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child!  That book is AWESOME!  Many thanks to JoJo for sending it our way!)  And he naps about 2+ hours in the morning and for 30mins – 1 hour in the afternoon.  I know his morning nap should be the shorter one, but his schedule will be all shot once we are up in Maine, so I figure as much sleep as he can get now is a good thing.

He is eating like a champ (yay!) – it was a 2 egg breakfast morning today.  He also has had a pretty smooth transition from formula to whole milk and from the bottle to sippy cup.  We just went cold turkey.  And now Baby J is resigned to the sippy cup.  He is such a good, good baby!

We are so lucky that Dada is at a point in his career that he has his weekends free.  We were able to all go to the park both Saturday and Sunday – and enjoy this cool, but really nice December weather.

Baby J and Boom are besties, that is for sure.  I am just chopped liver whenever Dada is around.  But who can blame Baby J?!  He sees my mug 24-7, and I am sure gets bored of that.  Not to mention Dada is lots of fun – always doing silly thing to make JJ laugh and giggle!

OK, so JJ isn’t laughing in the above photo, but believe me, he had an awesome time at the park with Dada.  And I can’t think of a sound I love more than to hear my little baby (er, little boy) laughing.  It really is music to my ears!

Baby J loves seeing his reflection!  He’s all, Who is that adorable baby?!  And I agree, he really is the most adorable baby ever!

JJ is so lucky to have such an awesome dad, who loves loves loves spending time with him more than anything.  I am lucky to have such an awesome hubby, who cooks when he can and really helps out a lot.  Life can’t get much better than this, and I am so thankful for that!


4 responses to “Back to Normal

  1. I think you spoke too soon here 😉 – hopefully JJ has been feeling better this afternoon!

  2. what a great update! glad that the sleep training went well and all is back to normal, i knew you two could do it! it’s so sweet to hear how much he loves his daddy! and congrats on the bottle/sippy cup /milk transition!

  3. thanks for all those update, could’t believe he already drinking milk and using sippy cup, may be trying some soymilk too….

    everybody is happy when mother is happy!!!!!! by the way, please post more pics….

  4. JJ says he is anything but normal! Just like Tingaling he is one special duck!

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