Some recent craftiness

I have been a little bit obsessed with machine applique since I made JJ’s first birthday bib…

Unfort, I think I need a different sewing machine foot to be able to get around curves nicely.  But I am trying to make due with the foot I have…

So here is what I have been up to once Baby J goes to bed:

Personalized bib and burp set for a business school friend – love that I get to use some pink fabric!

Holiday Candy Cookie mix jars for play group mamas, neighbors and friends.  This is just a small sampling of all the jars I made!  They weren’t hard to make, but did take some time.  I kept running out of ingredients – first brown sugar and salt, and then oats!  And I had to wait in line for over 30 minutes to get my labels laser printed.  Many thanks to Skip to My Lou for the idea and recipe!  I designed my own labels, but the ones on her blog are really cute too!

So in my mind these ornaments were cuter than how they came out.  I also made one with pink plaid for Yarbs and her hubby.  As you can see, I didn’t even attempt to machine applique the ‘B’ – way too many curves.  Next time I think they will need to be square or rectangular.

A holiday-ish bib for Baby J!  and I used a ‘J’ that did not have any curves, much easier for me to machine applique.  Boom commented that Baby J has a lot of bibs, which I guess he does, but he needs them!  and this one is his personalized holiday bib.  But not too literal, as I didn’t want it to be just red and green.  I should have skipped the white rick rack around the edges, since you can barely see it and it added a bunch of time that I would have rather saved.

This year, just like all the others past, I have told myself (and Yarbs) that next year I will start on my Christmas crafts early.  That I will craft throughout the year in preparation for Christmas, as I have many projects in mind that I would like to do.  But, Yarbs reminded me that I will have another little one in tow come March, so maybe I won’t be crafting all that much… (sigh) she is probably right.  But maybe, when both bebes are in bed, I might have enough energy to do a little crafting.  I guess we’ll just have to see!


2 responses to “Some recent craftiness

  1. You are a crafty one 😉
    Safe travels to Maine! I miss you and little J already!
    We have to take advantage of my last full week off next week!

  2. Lots of amazing craft work. Glad that you were able to find a little time to craft at the holidays. Saw some awesome craft furniture for your room last night. Vert excited to get a floor plan together and get you all set up!

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