Home, Sweet Home

After traveling for 9 hours straight, we got back home yesterday.  And I do have to say (quoting a famous, ruby slipper clad girl), There is no place like home!  Maybe it is because traveling with a baby (er, toddler?!) is exponentially harder than just traveling as 2 adults.  Or maybe because said baby/toddler was sick nearly the entire time we were away, so that is always a lot of fun.  Whatever the reason, we all wanted to kiss the floor of our house when we came in.  I think Baby J may have even done so, but I resisted the urge.

Not to say we didn’t have a good time up north – we did – and the snow interesting…

Here is Christmas Eve with the cousins:

Baby J actually was feeling more like himself that afternoon, so everyone got a glimpse of his happy self.

And Christmas morning:

Little E was really cute with him.  I love his Christmas PJs (thanks Auntie Yarbs!) but I think they are now too small for him!  Gotta save them for Brady Gaga next year.  Baby J wasn’t really into the gifts – he preferred to play with the gift boxes.

One afternoon I decided to take him out – it hadn’t snowed in a few days… here is Baby J all bundled up:

And not too happy.  But adorable nonetheless.  The awesome knit hat was made for him by his Auntie (or second cousin) Yaya.  It was hard to get his thumbs into the thumb section.

Then the Blizzard of 2010 came rolling through – we probably got 8 inches up where we were:

JJ couldn’t walk in all the snow (he couldn’t really walk on the packed snow before the new snow fell – just a different surface than he is used to).  Boom took him out and played for a few minutes – it was so freezing cold!  The crazy Mainers we were with were all, This isn’t cold, it’s balmy!  I was all, No thank you – burr, I am freezing!

But I was able to get out for a few minutes to take some shots with my little frozen guy.  He really didn’t know what to make of it all!

It was odd not really being able to go outside.  And now it is raining in H-town, so we’ll be stuck inside today as well.  Oh well.  A good Christmas trip – glad Boom got to see him family and that they got to see JJ as well.  Just wished he had been feeling better, but so it goes.

4 responses to “Home, Sweet Home

  1. In that picture where JJ is all bundled to go outside he could be Tingaling’s Mini-Me. He has perfected her crying face!

  2. he was so cute bundled up, he probably still did not understand the snow but it was nice for him to see and feel the snows…..

  3. I love that crying shot – priceless! So glad you are home – I was missing my daily JJ fix!

  4. We were all glad that you guys made it up North. Wish everyone was feeling better, think Jack was a real trooper. Hope he is now back to normal. Love to all, Nana

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