Now that Christmas is over…

I love trolling the internet for good craft blogs – to get inspiration and instruction!  Most of the awesomely crafty ladies put up free tutorials (for personal use, of course) – and while many times the actual craft is a bit to complex for me, I can usual modify it somehow to work with my skills.

I’ve been wanting to post about these personalized bean bags I made for a few special little people in my life, but they were all wrapped up and waiting to be opened!  Now that all that fun is over, I can finally post them up!

For My Pal Al’s new baby girl, a set of initial bean bags (I have decided that I really can’t do more than 4 letters, so if the first name is longer than that, it is initials!):

and the backs are a girly colorway:

These look deceptively simple – which is great.  I love how they came out!  But it was quite a process – all that cutting of squares (front and back), then stamping (the front letters) and then touching up the front letters, then heatsetting, then sewing up then turning out then stuffing (with organic rice, no beans on hand) then sewing up the opening – whew!

I made 5 sets total – here are two of the other sets:

Of course I got the idea off a great craft blog – Chez Beeper Bebe – she even has a great tutorial on her blog for these spelling bean bags, but she machine appliques each letter to the front to match the fabric on the back!  WOW!  I tried that, and it didn’t work for me at all (the whole, I can’t machine applique anything with curves).  So I adapted it to use fabric paint on the front in a matching color to the fabric on the back.

Sometimes I think I am crafty, then I go to some real craft blogs, and I realize I kinda am not, compared to all the crafty peeps out there.  I do what I can and enjoy it, so I guess that is all that counts!

Poor Baby J, his set of bean bags is still unfinished – I had too much going on with all the other stuff I needed to make, and then I ran out of rice and kept forgetting to buy more!  I’ll post those once they are done (and they have fabric letters on front, but no machine applique-ing) so we’ll see how they hold up.

3 responses to “Now that Christmas is over…

  1. I love your beanbags–they are beautiful with the letter stamped/painted on. Very clean and bright. Also, I think being able to successfully adapt something to work for you labels you as being someone “crafty”. I could not applique myself for years–seriously–it took years of using my sewing machine and being EXTREMELY comfortable with it before I could applique anything without it looking all wonky. Anyway, I always believe that half the fun of using someone else’s idea is in adaptation of it….and thanks for sharing.
    By the way, I hope you will share photos of your completed project in my Beeper Bebe project Flickr group:

  2. Cool bean bags! I’m sure the recepients will love them 🙂
    P.S. Nice to see you posting on a regular basis!

  3. Stella LOVES her SVP bean bags – they look so cute on one of the main shelves in her room! The girly colors and the letters on the front are just so cute – you are so talented!! I seriously don’t even know how to turn a sewing machine on. (Do you even have to turn it on to use it?? I have no idea!!) Anyway- thank you so much!! And I’m so excited they made your blog – hehe!! 🙂 XOXO Happy new year!!!

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