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From 2 to 1…

Yes, yes, I know I should be focusing on going from 1 baby to 2, but more pressing is Baby J’s transition from 2 naps to 1.

Yesterday I decided that I would try to keep him up until at least 11am – I knew if I could get to 1015am, I would be home free, as that is when we would leave for Story Time at our local library.  Well, three hours is still a long time to occupy a baby, but I did it!  And he did get really tired:

Poor little guy found his school bag and took the blanket out it it – then just plopped right down on the cold marble.  The good news is he slept from 1130am  – 2pm!  and he was well rested and happy the remainder of the afternoon.

We went to the park and had a great time with our friends – it was so great to be outside in such awesome weather!  Here’s JJ with 2 of his favorite lady pals:

He’s all, don’t worry ladies, I have it all under control.

And I got some tips from my mommy friends about what to do with Baby J in the mornings – so helpful!  I can’t imagine life without my mommy friends – it is so wonderful to be able to get advice and hints from such great women!

Craft List

I am pretty sure my nesting instinct comes in the form of crafting, and it has kicked in for Brady Gaga.

Here’s what is on my short list to get done before BG arrives:

Flannel receiving blankets:  Yes, I know I made about a million blankets for Baby J, so there is no shortage of blankets for BG to use, but I think BG deserves 3 new blankets that are no ones hand-me-downs.  I have purchased the flannel:

All appropriately gender neutral, I think.  And I have 2 of the 3 fabrics that I will make the bias tape for the edges – a picot white for the orange flannel, a brown with white mini swiss dots for the green, and I am stumped on what to use for the bias tape for the yellow.  Hopefully it will come to me soon.

Valentine’s Day gift for JJ:  I am thinking I want to make a large floor pillow in the shape of a heart for him.  Maybe with some sort of red fabric on one side and canvas with his initials stenciled on the other side.  JJ loves soft things, so this would be one more thing he could lay on in his play area.

0-12 month freezer paper stencil onesies:  These I would use for the monthly picture I will be taking of Brady Gaga.  I have some of the onesies, need to get the remainder, design the stencils for each month, cut them out of freezer paper and paint onto said onesies with fabric paint.  Will be kind of a long process – not hard, just long.

Easter plushie:  I am thinking I may want to make a stuffed bunny silhouette plushie to put into JJ and Brady Gaga’s bunny baskets.  We’ll see if that happens.

Blurb Book:  I think I really need to finish the Blurb book I started of JJ’s first year.

I made Brady Gaga a yellow and gray scalloped bunting (from this tut), but don’t know where to put it – so I would like to figure that out.  And maybe make a matching pillow, as I have some scallops left over.

Here’s Baby J:

He’s all, I am totally not psyched to be a big brother.  Dude, I am the baby!

All Crafted Out

Last week, Boom was out of town Thursday thru Sunday morning.  So, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, after I put the boy down (around 545pm  -615pm), I would grab a bit to eat myself, tidy up a little and then craft!  I was working on getting Baby J and Brady Gaga’s Easter baskets completed.  Brady Gaga is due March 17, and Easter is in the beginning of April, I know I won’t have time to do anything once BG arrives.

So, Thursday night I probably crafted 3 hours, until around 11pm.  Friday night – another 3 hours, but I got started earlier, so until around 10pm.  By Saturday, after two nights of blood, sweat and tears (literally – well, not the tears, but definitely the blood and sweat!) I only had to get the tails on the bunny baskets, and good thing…  I was feeling (GASP!) totally and utterly over crafting!  But I do LOVE how they turned out:

I can’t take credit for the idea – I found the link in the Easter archives of One Pretty Thing.  So the main inspiration for these bunny baskets came from Lavender and Limes, but I didn’t even follow her tut.  I just made the buckets that I know how to make (modified slightly), added ears, a handle, a tail and embroidered a face and name / date on the back.

This project definitely is not for the faint of heart.  A lot more hand sewing than I am used to, as I used fabric covered buttons for the eyes (since I couldn’t seem to find any regular buttons, but those would have required hand sewing as well) and part of the tail.  And then all the embroidery for the faces and Baby J’s names, and 2 dates (I didn’t embroider ‘Brady Gaga’ onto the striped basket, though I was tempted to for a bit).

And the tail – I wanted to have a nice, fluffy pompom for the tail, but I made a couple and realized that yarn can be pulled out of the pompom (at least the ones I made) and that would not be good for babies.  So I had to come up with something more secure: two loops of twill tape crossing each other with a larger twill tape covered button in the middle.  I think the tails came out pretty cute, considering they are much safer than the pompoms that I made.

The only thing I would really change are the ears – I gave them the same amount of padding and interfacing as the rest of the basket, and they didn’t need it.  Overall, I really love them.  I hope Baby J and Brady Gaga do as well.

Here’s Mister McCute himself:

He’s all, I love my snack and your crafting, Mama!

Not Skeert

As you know, Little Bubs did great with Santa this year (check him out here and here).  So I wasn’t surprised when we attended an Elmo party at the end of December that he didn’t mind taking a picture with the red monster:

(Yes, that is a very unfortunate photo of me – the gray sweater looks like a tent on me – and thus I look huge!)  Lots of the moms were apprehensive that their little ones would run screaming and crying from Elmo, but not me.  I was pretty sure JJ would be alright, and he was!  Like one of the moms said, J is 2 for 2 (taking pictures with somewhat frightening characters – Santa and Elmo), now we just have to see how he does with the Easter Bunny!

It was a fun party – mainly because I got to spend time with lot of my mommy friends:

Love this last picture with Bubs pointing at the camera – he is all, I have my eye on you!

And the icing on the proverbial cake were the party favors – sugar cookies of Elmo’s head, as big as your (if you are a baby) head!  Really!

And it was delicious – I love sugar cookies with icing on them!  Yum!  The birthday party circuit has calmed down, now that all of playgroup is in the single digits!  I think it will start back up again, as some of the small folks will be turning 2 in the next few months!


I had to go to Joann’s to buy fabric for the JLH Charity Ball (I am on the decorations committee) and got looking around towards the back of the store.  OMG – guess what I found?!  Adorable home dec weight fabric by Dwell Studio!

I didn’t even know Dwell Studio was selling fabric by the yard, let alone at Joanns!  I seriously had to stop myself from buying more – but it is on sale, so if I keep thinking about the other prints… Anyway, I am going to make Baby J a pillow out of the animal print with maybe a ‘J’ applique on the front.

Speaking of totally cuteness, here is the cutie pie himself:

He was having a ball at the park the other day – and it was rather chilly, so he didn’t mind keeping his hood on.  And I love that hood, with the little ears!  Too adorable!

And look at these two little cuties and best buds:

Little Mustang is still in his huggy phase – good thing these days Baby J doesn’t seem to mind the hugs as much as before.  And Mustang rarely tackles JJ to the ground, which is a good thing!

Generous sized and good news

I just had another high resolution, 3D ultrasound of Brady Gaga, and Dr. K told us the baby was “generous sized” at 4.5 lbs – I am currently 31 weeks and 5 days.  When we told him, Baby J was 7lbs 2oz at  37 weeks, he was all, that is a good size baby – definitely not small – this one is similarly sized.  So if Brady Gaga keeps up at this pace, s/he will probably be 8 lbs when s/he is born (if full term).

Now, I will publicly say, I think the baby is more Brady than Gaga.  S/he looks like Baby J’s twinkie!  I am getting excited – can’t wait to meet him/her!  Although I am also feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that needs to be done between now and then – I really hope I go the full 40 weeks.

And the last bit of good news – Brady Gaga is head down (not breech – YAY!), so all ready (in about 8 weeks) for a VBAC!  Hopefully s/he stays that way.  We are going back for another ultrasound in 4 weeks to make sure.

Anyway, sorry posting has been very light – was up at my parents the majority of this past week, as we got the study, kitchen island and window painted – so had to be out of the house due to the fumes.  and I forgot to bring my camera up with me, not that we did anything exciting. (Popo, my mother, is crazy crazy crazy about her Baby J – more on that in another post)

So I leave you with another adorable banker shot of Baby J (since the first one was such a hit):

This is what Baby J is thinking – Um, yeah, I am pretty much a big deal!

Problem Solving with Craftiness!

With Baby J, comes a lot of stuff.  I have finally gotten his play area under control, but there is always things that want to get out of control.  For example, we have these adorable little alphabet books we got from one of Boom’s co-workers:

Problem is, if they don’t have a place to go, they go everywhere!  Or else I would just hide them away and we didn’t get to enjoy them.  Well, I was looking around my mud room, and found this:

An empty container that once held baby wipes (got them as part of a shower gift).  The books fit perfectly inside of this container (with the top off), but the label wouldn’t come off (I didn’t try all that hard).  I had been playing around with my Mod Podge and recently became the proud owner of a brayer (after perusing this excellent blog, if you ever want to get into Mod Podging) so I though, Ah ha!  I will try my newly acquired techniques out.

Getting advice from an expert is definitely the way to go.  I got my paper wet, then Mod Podged it, then went over it with the brayer.  Here is the finished product:Now it looks adorable!  And I love that I am upcycling something that otherwise would be taking up energy to be recycled or space in a landfill.  I know my pack rat ways kind of bug Boom, but when I can reuse items and make solutions for problems I have, why not?!

So I continued on my Mod Podging ways – we finished this last week:

(which Boom now refuses to buy as he claims it is way too expensive)

I took the label off (it came off quite easily):

cleaned the inside and them Mod Podged some cute scrapbooking paper to the outside:

Now I have an adorable lidded container to hold stuff (currently empty), but I am sure I will find a use for it soon.

Another issue is corralling Baby J’s books in his play area:

I made him a couple  round storage bins, and started using one for book storage, but it didn’t work well for a few reasons – 1) it is round and books are not, 2) too floppy, and 3) not big enough.

So I got a white rectangular storage bin for his books, but it looked way to plain to me.  I thought I would do a freezer paper stencil to add a decoration, but turns out, freezer paper doesn’t iron onto non-cotton type fabric.  Onto Plan B – doing a contact paper stencil to add my decoration.  I designed what I wanted to go onto the bin, printed it out, traced it (backwards) onto the contact paper, cut it all out, then stuck the design onto the bin:

This was somewhat more difficult than I had thought it would be, as I had to get all the negative shapes in the correct place.  and there were lots of bits and pieces that were just floating out there.  But I did my best.  Then I painted:

Here’s the finished product:

And now I love it!  I think it looks adorable!  I think the bin probably cost me less than $5, and with just a little elbow grease, I was able to make it into something cute!

Am I nesting?  I dunno, but I have been getting a lot of projects done lately!  I guess I know in less than 10 weeks I will be in pure survival mode.  So I am taking advantage of this time now to indulge my crafty side.

And here is a picture of the most adorable baby (banker) in the world:

13 Months

Dearest Baby J –

2 days after Christmas you turned 13 months.  Sorry I have been a little late in posting your monthly letter – things have been hectic around here still!

This past month brought a lot of changes, the biggest one being no more B-O-T-T-L-E or formula!  Hallelujah! Boom and I were pretty excited for it, but you, not so much.  You really fought us at first, but then seemed to resign yourself to the sippy cup.  And we went cold turkey – bam, one day bottles and the next day – NONE!  You are a really good boy for being so understanding of what we had to do.  And it has totally cut down on the amount of things I have to wash, so I thank you profusely.  With Nutramigen being as expensive as it is, our wallets also thank you.

Early in the month, we hosted the most chaotic play group ever!  You, luckily, were able to find a little quite time with a favorite mom and her little gal.  Cowgirl and I have learned a lot these past few months dealing with play group, and more is not always better.  We have now frozen the size to a somewhat manageable 12 moms and kiddos.

We celebrated Christmas early with the W side of the family, since we and Yarbs were all in Maine for on the 25th.  You weren’t so into the gifts this year, but you did make out like a bandit, as per the usual.

With PoPo and GongGong being in town, PoPo got to go to Little Gym with us!  And one of my favorite tricks they help you do is going around the bar completely – you are a real pro.  No crying, no fussing.

Wee – here you go!

Ta-da!  All done!  You don’t always love gym class, but I think it is good for you. and I think you’ll get more into it as you get a little bit older.  Sadly, Mustang is not going to be in your class next semester – since he is 5 months older than you.  Oh well, we can try to make some new friends.

You also had your first school Christmas party.  And you guys were party animals!  I was in charge of the favors, which came out mighty cute, but I totally forgot to get a photo of them!  Boo, so it goes.

You are just too cute!  PoPo laughs at me as I like to dress you up sometimes when I can – love these priate jonjons – too cute for the cutest boy ever.  You are a good sport – I need to take advantage as you won’t always be so agreeable!

I’ve also busted out a little robe that you got as a baby gift – Boom thinks it makes you look like a Baby Hugh Heffner!  I love it – as you look sooo adorable!  You love the “water feature” (ie tub handles) in our master bath room.  They are the first things you go to when you are in there.

I got you and Boom matching super hero t-shirts (a couple of them), but you guys have yet to wear them at the same time!  Anyway, this Super Man shirt is a size 2T (!!) and you were able to wear it, with just a little rolling up of the sleeves.  That made me a little sad, as my little baby really is growing up.  You love playing with non-toys, so hangers, wooden spoons, Blackberrys, etc.  Anything that is not a “toy”, per se.

And you traveled on a plane for the 2nd time in your life, back up to the Northeast to spend some time with Boom’s side of the family.  Despite being sick, you were a real trooper.  And many thanks to Unc M and Aunt H for hosting all of us!

You’ve gotten much more aware, and I really think you understand so much of what I say and do.  I have been having good luck teaching you more signs, and you sometimes will actually obey what I might be asking you to do!  Boom and I are having so much fun with you – I know you won’t really be able to remember this part of your life, but I hope that you know you have had a really fun and loving childhood to date 🙂  I hope that when Brady Gaga arrives, you will love him or her as much as we love you!  I am sure you will.  You are such a good, good boy!  We really are the luckiest parents alive!

I love you so much, my cute cute (a.k.a. my sweet sweet, Baobob, etc)!