I had to go to Joann’s to buy fabric for the JLH Charity Ball (I am on the decorations committee) and got looking around towards the back of the store.  OMG – guess what I found?!  Adorable home dec weight fabric by Dwell Studio!

I didn’t even know Dwell Studio was selling fabric by the yard, let alone at Joanns!  I seriously had to stop myself from buying more – but it is on sale, so if I keep thinking about the other prints… Anyway, I am going to make Baby J a pillow out of the animal print with maybe a ‘J’ applique on the front.

Speaking of totally cuteness, here is the cutie pie himself:

He was having a ball at the park the other day – and it was rather chilly, so he didn’t mind keeping his hood on.  And I love that hood, with the little ears!  Too adorable!

And look at these two little cuties and best buds:

Little Mustang is still in his huggy phase – good thing these days Baby J doesn’t seem to mind the hugs as much as before.  And Mustang rarely tackles JJ to the ground, which is a good thing!


3 responses to “Cuteness!

  1. Looks like Mustang has a sweater that’s very similar to JJs!
    Cute cute fabric – can’t wait to see what you do with it 🙂

  2. both Mustang and JJ are pretty lucky to have each other as best buds..they are so cute….

  3. I wouldn’t say JJ looks cute in the second to last picture. He looks ferocious!! Like a baby batman racing to fight the evil villian. I am going to start calling him “The Mini Dark Knight!”

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