Not Skeert

As you know, Little Bubs did great with Santa this year (check him out here and here).  So I wasn’t surprised when we attended an Elmo party at the end of December that he didn’t mind taking a picture with the red monster:

(Yes, that is a very unfortunate photo of me – the gray sweater looks like a tent on me – and thus I look huge!)  Lots of the moms were apprehensive that their little ones would run screaming and crying from Elmo, but not me.  I was pretty sure JJ would be alright, and he was!  Like one of the moms said, J is 2 for 2 (taking pictures with somewhat frightening characters – Santa and Elmo), now we just have to see how he does with the Easter Bunny!

It was a fun party – mainly because I got to spend time with lot of my mommy friends:

Love this last picture with Bubs pointing at the camera – he is all, I have my eye on you!

And the icing on the proverbial cake were the party favors – sugar cookies of Elmo’s head, as big as your (if you are a baby) head!  Really!

And it was delicious – I love sugar cookies with icing on them!  Yum!  The birthday party circuit has calmed down, now that all of playgroup is in the single digits!  I think it will start back up again, as some of the small folks will be turning 2 in the next few months!


3 responses to “Not Skeert

  1. OMG I love the pic of J pointing at the camera!! Too cute!!!

  2. cute little JJ, I’m missing him, last night I did have a dream with JJ in it but I did not remember anything else..tomorrow I am going to my painting class , I will paint the picture with JJ and gong gong ….

  3. Based on looks I would rank the individuals in the last photo as follows: 1) JJ; 2) Me; and 3) Elmo. Elmo’s face is so ruddy, his eyes are bulging, and he has a large nose. I am way better looking than him.

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