Craft List

I am pretty sure my nesting instinct comes in the form of crafting, and it has kicked in for Brady Gaga.

Here’s what is on my short list to get done before BG arrives:

Flannel receiving blankets:  Yes, I know I made about a million blankets for Baby J, so there is no shortage of blankets for BG to use, but I think BG deserves 3 new blankets that are no ones hand-me-downs.  I have purchased the flannel:

All appropriately gender neutral, I think.  And I have 2 of the 3 fabrics that I will make the bias tape for the edges – a picot white for the orange flannel, a brown with white mini swiss dots for the green, and I am stumped on what to use for the bias tape for the yellow.  Hopefully it will come to me soon.

Valentine’s Day gift for JJ:  I am thinking I want to make a large floor pillow in the shape of a heart for him.  Maybe with some sort of red fabric on one side and canvas with his initials stenciled on the other side.  JJ loves soft things, so this would be one more thing he could lay on in his play area.

0-12 month freezer paper stencil onesies:  These I would use for the monthly picture I will be taking of Brady Gaga.  I have some of the onesies, need to get the remainder, design the stencils for each month, cut them out of freezer paper and paint onto said onesies with fabric paint.  Will be kind of a long process – not hard, just long.

Easter plushie:  I am thinking I may want to make a stuffed bunny silhouette plushie to put into JJ and Brady Gaga’s bunny baskets.  We’ll see if that happens.

Blurb Book:  I think I really need to finish the Blurb book I started of JJ’s first year.

I made Brady Gaga a yellow and gray scalloped bunting (from this tut), but don’t know where to put it – so I would like to figure that out.  And maybe make a matching pillow, as I have some scallops left over.

Here’s Baby J:

He’s all, I am totally not psyched to be a big brother.  Dude, I am the baby!


2 responses to “Craft List

  1. That pic cracked me up! He is so wanting to be the only baby 😉
    Brady definitely deserves his only big stuffed animal too…will have to get before I leave. Taking the monthly photo is onesies is perfect!
    See you soon – you around this afternoon? I am off today and tomorrow!

  2. your list is toooo long……
    i’m sure jj is not ready to be a big brother..

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