From 2 to 1…

Yes, yes, I know I should be focusing on going from 1 baby to 2, but more pressing is Baby J’s transition from 2 naps to 1.

Yesterday I decided that I would try to keep him up until at least 11am – I knew if I could get to 1015am, I would be home free, as that is when we would leave for Story Time at our local library.  Well, three hours is still a long time to occupy a baby, but I did it!  And he did get really tired:

Poor little guy found his school bag and took the blanket out it it – then just plopped right down on the cold marble.  The good news is he slept from 1130am  – 2pm!  and he was well rested and happy the remainder of the afternoon.

We went to the park and had a great time with our friends – it was so great to be outside in such awesome weather!  Here’s JJ with 2 of his favorite lady pals:

He’s all, don’t worry ladies, I have it all under control.

And I got some tips from my mommy friends about what to do with Baby J in the mornings – so helpful!  I can’t imagine life without my mommy friends – it is so wonderful to be able to get advice and hints from such great women!


3 responses to “From 2 to 1…

  1. Cute photos. Glad JJ is making the transition to 1 nap ok. See you later (although I think J may be napping at lunch).

  2. I think JJ is turning the corner on the one nap regimine. He still has moments where he lays down on anything soft and lets you know he is tired, but he is starting to understand the new schedule. His top molars are coming in so his nightime sleep pattern is a little off as well.

  3. what is the fuss about 2 naps or 1??? where is the human napping right???

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