Monthly Archives: January 2011

13 Months

Dearest Baby J –

2 days after Christmas you turned 13 months.  Sorry I have been a little late in posting your monthly letter – things have been hectic around here still!

This past month brought a lot of changes, the biggest one being no more B-O-T-T-L-E or formula!  Hallelujah! Boom and I were pretty excited for it, but you, not so much.  You really fought us at first, but then seemed to resign yourself to the sippy cup.  And we went cold turkey – bam, one day bottles and the next day – NONE!  You are a really good boy for being so understanding of what we had to do.  And it has totally cut down on the amount of things I have to wash, so I thank you profusely.  With Nutramigen being as expensive as it is, our wallets also thank you.

Early in the month, we hosted the most chaotic play group ever!  You, luckily, were able to find a little quite time with a favorite mom and her little gal.  Cowgirl and I have learned a lot these past few months dealing with play group, and more is not always better.  We have now frozen the size to a somewhat manageable 12 moms and kiddos.

We celebrated Christmas early with the W side of the family, since we and Yarbs were all in Maine for on the 25th.  You weren’t so into the gifts this year, but you did make out like a bandit, as per the usual.

With PoPo and GongGong being in town, PoPo got to go to Little Gym with us!  And one of my favorite tricks they help you do is going around the bar completely – you are a real pro.  No crying, no fussing.

Wee – here you go!

Ta-da!  All done!  You don’t always love gym class, but I think it is good for you. and I think you’ll get more into it as you get a little bit older.  Sadly, Mustang is not going to be in your class next semester – since he is 5 months older than you.  Oh well, we can try to make some new friends.

You also had your first school Christmas party.  And you guys were party animals!  I was in charge of the favors, which came out mighty cute, but I totally forgot to get a photo of them!  Boo, so it goes.

You are just too cute!  PoPo laughs at me as I like to dress you up sometimes when I can – love these priate jonjons – too cute for the cutest boy ever.  You are a good sport – I need to take advantage as you won’t always be so agreeable!

I’ve also busted out a little robe that you got as a baby gift – Boom thinks it makes you look like a Baby Hugh Heffner!  I love it – as you look sooo adorable!  You love the “water feature” (ie tub handles) in our master bath room.  They are the first things you go to when you are in there.

I got you and Boom matching super hero t-shirts (a couple of them), but you guys have yet to wear them at the same time!  Anyway, this Super Man shirt is a size 2T (!!) and you were able to wear it, with just a little rolling up of the sleeves.  That made me a little sad, as my little baby really is growing up.  You love playing with non-toys, so hangers, wooden spoons, Blackberrys, etc.  Anything that is not a “toy”, per se.

And you traveled on a plane for the 2nd time in your life, back up to the Northeast to spend some time with Boom’s side of the family.  Despite being sick, you were a real trooper.  And many thanks to Unc M and Aunt H for hosting all of us!

You’ve gotten much more aware, and I really think you understand so much of what I say and do.  I have been having good luck teaching you more signs, and you sometimes will actually obey what I might be asking you to do!  Boom and I are having so much fun with you – I know you won’t really be able to remember this part of your life, but I hope that you know you have had a really fun and loving childhood to date 🙂  I hope that when Brady Gaga arrives, you will love him or her as much as we love you!  I am sure you will.  You are such a good, good boy!  We really are the luckiest parents alive!

I love you so much, my cute cute (a.k.a. my sweet sweet, Baobob, etc)!