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15 months!

Dearest Bubs –

You turned 15 months yesterday!  Wow – time is just flying by!  (and if Brady Gaga were on your timeline, s/he’d already be born!)  You are really becoming a little boy, with so much personality!  Though you are becoming a bit more clingy – but that is just the age.

A lot of changes have been happening around here – about a week or so ago I decided that you need to start climbing the stairs yourself instead of my carrying you – since my belly is so big.  You are not a huge fan of that – but you are learning.  You cry less now when I don’t carry you, and you know that I will hold your hand.  It is good to have a little prize that I can move up the stairs, just out of your reach – and then you get to have it at the top of the stairs!

Despite my not carrying you up the stairs, you are still my boyfriend:

I love love love this picture!  So glad my friend was able to capture it!  How adorable are you?!  Way too adorable!

You love being outside and are really happiest when we are at the park or somewhere you can just run and play.  or when we are at home reading a book:

Sometimes we have to read books 4-5 times in a row!  I hear that is rather unusual for such a young boy to have such a long  attention span – I love it!  You are still a huge Dr. Seuss fan, and have been loving Ten Apples Up on Top.  The drama with the mop! the mop! gets you every time!

and if you are inside, you do love your creature comforts:

You always call dibs on anything soft.  It is really quite hilarious.

You are obsessed with trucks and puppies… and since we unpacked him, MoBo.

MoBo was your Grampy J’s childhood toy!  And Dada remembers playing with it hwen he was little as well – very special to have a toy that all 4 generations of JJB’s have had interactions with.  You are still a little unsure of it, but are clearly intrigued.  You try to say MoBo (comes out BoBo) and like to point and look at MoBo, but getting to close is not really something you are interested in.  Dada and I will need to do a little work on MoBo to get some of the rust off and then to seal him up.

You also love helping Dada run models – garsh, some of them are so simple….

and you don’t mind helping Dada correct some of the books that come his way.

We did our first at-home craft with our friends J-Burk and B-Burk – it turned out quite well:

You both were good sports – and after about 4 1/2 minutes, you guys were over the crafting.  So then we played.  and you guys really played well together!  Which was so great – giving J-Burk and mama time to catch up a bit.

You are really good at waving and saying “Bu-bye”.  and you have recently been very interested in babies – which is a good thing.  You can mimic me when I tell and show you how to be gentle by patting the baby’s foot.  You also sign baby very well – and that always impresses people.  I wonder if you know that you are about to get your very own baby soon!

You also have been wanting Cowgirl to hold you, which I think is adorable!  We see them enough that you are very comfortable with her – too bad she is also preggers – there is always a belly in the way!

We’ve had a lot of fun this month – with the weather improving, we’ve been able to be out and about, which is good.  and you are just so smart, a baby genius really – so many times you do something or put things together that surprise me.  I just shouldn’t underestimate you!  For example, the other day you were pointing at the closet – and then you signed shoes, because you knew that the shoes were in the closet!

I am excited to see how you interact with Brady Gaga – I know you will be the best big brother.  You are the best little guy in the whole world – mama loves you so so much.  Everyday, even if I am tired and grumpy, I am so thankful and grateful that I get to spend it with you.  There is no harder or more important job in the whole world than raising a good person.  Hopefully we are well on our way!



Fun at the Park

On Monday (President’s Day), Boom was able to come home a bit early and join JJ and I for our standing date to the park.  Which was excellent for everyone involved!  JJ loves having his dad around and I am getting to the point where climbing on the play structure is not really fun for me (since I am only 3 1/2 weeks until my due date!).

Look at that adorable baby!  He is getting to be such a big boy!  He is obsessed with trucks and calls them “tucks”!  His top right molar is nearly fully in, and his top left one is starting to emerge.

My two favorite guys – here they are on the slide.  So glad Boom was there to take him down – or at least I could catch him at the bottom.  Going down a slide for me right now is not really all that fun.

Wee!  Running on the hill!  JJ is becoming a good runner!  and he loves it when I skip / do high knees.  He tries to do so as well, and usually can only do the high knee with his right leg.  So freaking cute!

He knows where his belly button is – and where his ears, eyes, hair, nose, hand, feet, and hand are.

He also knows where Mustang’s belly button is!

The mirror at the park (and also at home) is one of his favorite spots.  He always has to kiss that handsome baby he sees in the reflection!  Doesn’t seem like he has any self confidence issues – which is a good thing!

The boys love having a dada to play with – dada is definitely are more active and interactive than I can be right now.  So glad Boom was able to join us and that I captured some of the fun he and JJ had together!  Love you both so much!

Deadline Crafter Strikes Again – Full Sized Apron Complete!

One of Boom’s sisters turns the big 4-oh at the end of this week.  L is really kind and into baking, so I knew I wanted to send her some baking cook books (I picked this one and this one, since she is a gluten-free girl).  But I also really wanted to make her an apron – but as you all know, I really didn’t need another project on my plate.  I was planning on making a quick half apron, but decided that a full apron would be much more useful.  So I had to find a tute – and a quick one, at that.  I came across this tute – many thanks to Mandy/Sugar Bee blog – it fit the bill exactly!  Cute, and quick.

I think it came out quite well!

I even made some adjustments to make it even quicker – here are my changes:

1) I added the top trim measurements to the top trim fabric and the waist trim to the lower measurements – and then finished the edges like a napkin, except on top section’s bottom edge that connects to the lower portion.

2) I sewed the ribbon right onto the front of the fabrics – so the “waist” ribbon enclosed the top sections raw bottom edge.

3) I also omitted the ruffle at the bottom and pocket (inadvertently on the pocket – just forgot to make it and once I remembered, I had already wrapped and packaged up the apron to be mailed).

I thought about using ribbon for the neck and waist ties, but I didn’t.  That would have saved some time as well.  This is what works for me for turning out long tubes of fabric (like the ties):  pin a safety pin on one end of the tube.  Use a chopstick to push the safety pin to the opposite opening – then just push the fabric over the chop stick – right side out.  It works like a dream!

I think this apron probably took around 3 hours to make from start to finish – which is very good considering it is a full apron and it is detailed and cute.  I had to split it up over 2 days, but in  a pinch, one could certainly do it in a single sitting.  Very good for such a deadline driven crafter as myself!

Here is the hubs begrudgingly modeling the apron I handmade for his sister!

I mailed it off today – maybe she’ll get it on her actual bday!  I hope she likes it and appreciates the hard work that went into it!




Onesie Project completed and Happy President’s Day

This weekend, I was able to craft a bit for Brady Gaga – and finally got his / her monthly photo onesies finished!  It wasn’t a hard project, per se, but it just had a lot of steps and took some time.

First, I designed what I wanted to numbers to look like – nothing too elaborate, but I wanted something more than just a painted number.  So I came up with dotes around the number in a circle, but that ended up not working, so I did just a circle with the number inside.  Then I had to print out all the numbers and circles onto freezer paper – then cut out – for my freezer paper stencil.

Here’s everything ready to be assembled:

This is when I realized I should have asked my sister if I could have custody of the Slice when she was in India.  That would have been helpful – then I would not have had to cut everything out by hand.  And I also have decided I could truly benefit from a Silhouette cutting machine – it is pretty high on my wish list 🙂 as it can cut paper and fabric!  Anyway…

Then I ironed on all the numbers and circles onto the onesies.  Here are all the prepped onesies – I just had to put a little piece of parchment paper inside the onesie before I started painting.

Here is a onesie in the middle of the painting process:

And here is all of the onesies after being painted, drying.

And here they are in all their glory, after I peeled off the freezer paper and heat set them all:

I really love how they turned out! And they are all organic cotton onesies, which is great.  I would like to figure out how to do this concept a little quicker, so that I can make it as gifts for friends.  I am thinking that maybe the Silhouette could really help me out in that respect.  Maybe a fabric number applique instead of the paint?

I know I only have 0-11, for month 12, Brady Gaga will wear a normal outfit, like JJ did in his monthly photos.

And here is the little man himself, wishing everyone a happy President’s Day!

(I love his outfit, I think it makes him look like he went to the U!)

Reverse Appliques on my mind

One of JJ’s Christmas gifts from my sister was an Amy Tangerine reverse applique t-shirt. It is adorable and whenever he wears it, I always get many comments on how cute his shirt is! If you can’t really tell from the picture, the tie shape is cut out of the t-shirt and then a piece of fabric is stitched to the fabric, creating a reverse applique.

I think I can make something similar. I would use lightweight interfacing (what I use for all my machine applique-ing) to keep the applique cut out crisp and securely adhered to the t-shirt material. Maybe I’ll create a tute! Dare to dream…

Between the quilt I need to make for Brady Gaga and the onesie project, I need another project like I need a hole in my head. But this had been occupying my mind all day yesterday, so I am thinking I really should do it. And a little friend of ours is turning 2 in a few months – she might be the perfect recipient of one of our first reverse applique t-shirts!

For those who think JJ never cries or fusses, these next couple pictures are for you! He was in full on melt down mode before music class yesterday – not quite sure why, probably a little tired. But he ended up being fine for class – just was really feeling bad for himself during our little photo shoot:

Yes, he is resting his head on the stairs! Poor, poor boy 🙂

WAHHHH! WAHHHHHH! He really wanted to hold the camera, but then I couldn’t giggle and capture this wonderful moment 😉 He is such a faker – once I let him hold the camera, the waterworks and drama immediately shut off.

Bubs – you are a piece of work! I love you so so much!!!!

This is why Baby J’s V-day gift was late…

This Valentine’s Day I decided to nearly kill myself making cute treats for playgroup.  I really wanted to, since those ladies were so kind and sweet to throw me a surprise shower! But it really did nearly put me over the edge.   Literally, last week, every available second of the day (ie when JJ was sleeping) I was crafting for play group.  Here’s what I made:

Personalized treat bags – which consisted of printing and cutting 12 hearts out of freezer paper for the stencil, then stamping the initials, then going back over initials with a paint brush to make sure the fabric paint coverage was good.  and then heatsettting them all, of course.

Girls colorway:

Boys colorway:

Then inside of the bags I put:

Personalized candies – which involved designing the topper, getting topper and wrappers printed, cutting them out, sticking them on the candies, and then assembling into a cute package.

Stickers – of course I could not just put the stickers in the bags loose, I always have to make things harder for myself, so I tried my best to package them up as cute-ly as possible.

Cake pop – these did not turn out as I had hoped, but I did my best. They are kind of hard! I made them over 2 days, and then had to package them all up, of course.

Then a thank you note (on personalized Valentine stationary that I designed), and photos from the shower and our early fall play group photo shoot. Writing each thank you note, of course, took a bit of time.

Here are all the contents:

I was glad I was able to get all the stuff done in time for play group on Friday – which I hosted. and I think everyone was pleased with their Valentines, so that is great.

Here is the final product (I forgot to take a picture of all the bags stuffed):

This will be the last time in a long time that I will have had the time to do so much, so I am glad that I did it now. Once BG arrives, I suspect my free time will really dwindle down to zero.

Boom thinks I am totally cra-cra. He knows that I am so appreciative of the ladies for throwing me the shower, but he was all, they didn’t throw you the shower to create more work for you. And I know he is right. But this is just how I am – 110% in most things that I do.

Anyway, I was really happy how everything turned out. and playgroup, although small, was really fun! Lots of sickies who couldn’t make it (which is, of course, for the best). Cowgirl brought some bubbles, so we got to enjoy the nice weather!

All the babies have gotten soooo big! I sometimes just can’t believe it!

Jack loves bubbles. I need to get a bubble gun and some good bubble solution for the warm months ahead.

Here they go – chasing the bubbles! Fun times!

Belated V-day Gift

I am finally done with JJ’s V-day gift: a personalized floor cushion!  Many thanks to Living with Punks blog for the excellent tutorial.

Here is the top:

Used my fonts that don’t have curves and then machine appliqued them onto the cushion.

Here is the bottom:

This heart does have curves, but it was large enough that it wasn’t too too hard to machine applique.

And the handle:

It took me quite a while to complete, but that is because I did the appliques, as well as tried a few things that didn’t quite work (making a form for the inside so the outside could be a slipcover, and thus able to be washed; putting in a zipper, but on the short height, so def not enough space to put the form in; etc).  I do like how it turned out – but there are a few things that I would have done differently.  Oh well, at least it is done!  And the tutorial was quite excellent – really easy to follow and made sense.

I was thinking, though, the Land of Nod one-seater seats are $39.  This handmade version probably had supply costs of around $17 (fabric, piping, stuffing, thread, interfacing, etc) but took me quite a while to figure out and make.  So was it worth it in the end?  Perhaps the hubs is right – sometimes it is cheaper and definitely way easier to just buy….

But for my favorite Valentine, it was worth all the hard work!  Just can’t wait to see him sit and play on it!

More Masterpieces!

Yesterday, Baby J came home with Valentine’s Day artwork from school.  And as you all know, his art projects are some of my very favorite things to get!  I look forward to random holidays because I know I’ll likely get some JJ artwork!

The fam seems to think he has big hands – better to play the piano with… or catch a football, depending on which side you ask.

So cute!   I can’t wait until JJ is a little bit older and I can do craft projects with him!  That will really be fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To my two favorite guys in the whole world – happy Valentine’s Day!

I love you both more than you will ever know!  I am the luckiest gal in the whole world, having both of you in my life.


Happy Birthday, Mom!

To a great mom and THE BEST Popo (grandmother) ever – happy birthday!  We love you so much!

JJ can’t wait to get an iPhone so that he can text with you!!!