14 months

Dear JJ –

You turned 14 months last week.  Sorry (again) for the delay in posting your monthly letter!  I have been busy busy busy with lots of stuff.

This month your comprehension has really taken off!  You now basically understand everything that I say and ask of you – if you choose to listen is another story.  But you usually do – bring things to me when I ask you to.  And you know the sign for “shoes”, “socks”, “diaper”, “cow” – you love to look at the birds and really try to say “nao-nao” (the Chinese word for bird) whenever you see them.  The other night, when I asked if you were all done, you said “all done” – dad and I were super impressed!

You continue to love to play with anything that is not a toy.  Keys, wooden spoons, sticks, etc. continue to be some of your favorites.  We have books stacked in the front room and you love to carry around “Crossing the Chasm” – literally it is the only book you pick up from the stack! I think it is because it has a bright green cover.

You are still eating a lot, but have slowed down a smidge.  In the middle of the month, if you were awake, all we did was eat and snack.  That was your main activity.  Now you still eat a lot, but not quite as much as you had been.  Getting meats into you has been a challenge.  Our friend A gave us a sloppy joe recipe, and you don’t seem to hate it (see first photo), so that is a win in my book.  At least you eat 2 eggs every morning for breakfast.

You love love love being outside!  And you are a total boy – here you and Mustang are playing in a puddle.  It was a tubby night and warm that day, so I just let you get dirty.  You and Mustang were happy as clams splashing around!  We are at the park all the time – as long as it is not raining or bitterly cold.  (Randomly it can get really cold in H-town.  Yesterday we only lasted 30 minutes at the park because it was freezing!)

When it is nice out, we also spend a lot of time in the backyard (before going to the park).  A lot of times we’ll have your snack out there after your nap.  And there is not really anything to play with, but you are content to wander around.  Sometimes Baby Hercules comes out – and you push the cooler all the way off the patio into the grass!

You love being around your friends.  You learn from them, and have started making strides in saying their names!  You will say “L-l-l” for Lina.  and you of course recognize everyone.  Play group is such a good thing for you and for mama!  And the one off play dates are also lots of fun.

Dad has shown you how to stick out your tongue – and you like to do so! Sometimes he asks you to do it during breakfast and I don’t like that so much.  You also love dancing in front of the mirror with Dad – you get a huge smile on your face!  You love to touch our noses, especially when we make funny noises and faces when you do!

You also are loving music class – the non-infant class has been so good for you!  and the new teacher really makes a difference.  You love when they bring out shakers and things that make noise.  You are getting good at going to get your shakers and then putting them back when you are done, at both music and gym class.  PoPo is coming in today and I am excited that we are going to a make up music class so she can see how much you love it.

Speaking of – Popo loves to put you into the Baby Bjorn and take you for a walk!  You are basically too big for the Bjorn, but she loves it so much she has to put you in it!  You guys go out looking for nao-naos.  When we were up visiting her, she told me that you were her best friend.  When I texted that to Dad, he was all, She’ll be upset to learn that Baby J really is my best friend.  You are in high demand as a best friend, that is for sure.  But when Brady Gaga gets here, s/he will really be your bestest best friend.

Your molars are coming in – so you haven’t been sleeping as soundly as usual.  At night, once the Motrin wears off, you start moaning in your sleep.  As a result, I haven’t been sleeping all that well.  But during the day your disposition is still very good, so that is all I can ask for.

You still love to be held and carried around, especially when you are a little tired or hungry.  That is the only part about Brady Gaga’s arrival that worries me a little.  I know it will be an adjustment, for all of us, but I really hope you love Brady Gaga as much as I know s/he will love and adore you, his / her big brother!  You are such a good baby, I know that you will be able to transition into being a great big brother in no time at all.

This month has been really fun  – you are so much more interactive and just a funny kid!  And getting your big boy car seat (facing forward) has made a world of difference – as has using snack traps (though more snacks end up out of the trap and on the floor that not).  I think you just like to be able to self-feed when you want.

I love you so much, little guy.  You are really an awesome baby and Dad and I are just the luckiest parents in the world.




2 responses to “14 months

  1. I love that photo of Po-Po with JJ in the baby bjorn…they both look so happy!
    Baby J is such a joy for everyone in the family! We love him so. We can’t wait for his new little sibling too…more teeny toes and fingers and cheeks to kiss!

  2. Happy 14th Month Birthday Jack! You sure are a sweet, smart and super loved little boy! I love that picture of him in the Baby Bjorn with your mom, she is impressive! Have a great time with her this week!

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