OMG! Surprise!

I have the sweetest mommy friends here in H-town.  On Saturday morning, they surprised me with a shower for Brady Gaga!  I must have cried no less than 5 times that morning – as it was just too sweet!  It really has been surprising how close we all have become, and I have known most of them for less than a year!  I think I have known Cowgirl and V3 for about a year.  I am so thankful for them, as they help me navigate the wobbly landscape of motherhood. and thankful that we not only have kids in common, but lots of other things, so we really are friends.  Not just friends because of our kids, but rather friends who got introduces because of our kids.

It’s funny, our parenting styles go from one extreme to another, but there is always things I learn from everyone, even the moms that have completely different mothering styles than me.  I like that we are all so different.  and it is great for the kiddies – as Baby J loves to see his friends.

It was so nice on Saturday – the babies were not there, so we actually got to visit and finish sentences!  And they thought of everything  – they all wrote down thoughts and wishes in a midnight changing basket – so when I change Brady Gaga in the middle of the night, I will have a little light reading to keep me company!  and they got Boom to write 5 (or 6) things he loves about me as a mom – which were all so sweet and funny!  That would have totally been enough, but they also got me a very generous GC to a fav place of mine to get smocked ensembles!  Can’t wait to get Brady Gaga and Baby J in matching (or Jack and Jill) outfits!

I really am so, so thankful for each and everyone of them – as well as for my amazing sister and mother!  So glad they could both be there as well.

I do feel a little weird – as I usually would have gotten thank you notes out the door on Monday, but I am hosting play group on Friday and have a little something for everyone (including thank you notes) that I can just give out then.  But I am really worried that they will all think I am so ungrateful and impolite!  I discussed with Boom, wondering if I should let them know that I know my thank you cards are going to be a smidge late, but he was all, Don’t worry about it.  Most people wouldn’t have thank you notes out by Friday anyway.

Here is one of the “thoughts” Boom submitted to the gals:

I love that you already cry when you think about JJ and Brady Gaga going away to college.

It’s true – I am a freak.  Maybe they can go to Rice!


3 responses to “OMG! Surprise!

  1. I’m glad you were “surprised!” Courtney is so sweet and she worked very hard on it!
    I don’t think you’re alone with the college thing. Shaila says they are going to move to wherever Malaina goes and Zadaan will just have to go to the same school 🙂

  2. Yay! So glad you had a great day! And you are crazy for feeling late on your thank you’s, gosh, having them out in less than a week is AMAZING if you ask me! : ) We are all so blessed to have you and your sweet family in our lives! Can’t wait to meet Brady Gaga!

  3. YES, you are pretty lucky to have all the great friends in you life….

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