Crafts… and bye-bye

So, I have been getting some stuff done.  I have completed 3 of Brady Gaga’s 4 new blankets!



Yay!  I think they turned out pretty good.  Making the edge tape (not bias tape, as it is not cut on the bias, but doesn’t need to be since there are no curves) is probably the most time consuming part of all.  Once it gets made, all I have to do is pin the edging tape onto the edge of the blanket fabric, and then sew.

Luckily the blankets  are all folded up so no one can see how not quite square they are.  I need to get some quilters tools to help me square up the main piece of fabric.  I have seen some large, clear and wide rulers that have a grid on them – I think that is what I need.  Anyway, BG won’t mind – s/he’ll stay nice and warm swaddled in the blankets!

I am also up to my ears in freezer paper stencils – darn my mommy friends for being so kind!  These are little Valentine’s day treats for their little ones – I won’t post a picture until I they have been given out.

And I have decided that I need to make BG a quilt like the one Baby J has – that belonged to Boom.  Boom’s mom made the “John” quilt over 30 years ago – so it is really a vintage heirloom!  and I used it as the backdrop for Baby J’s monthly photos, so BG also needs a backdrop for his/her monthy photos.

I think I am going to make a bunting quilt similar to this one, but I will leave a spot at the top for BG’s name.  So I can get all the buntings on the front fabric, make the edging tape and have the backing ready, but can’t put together until BG arrives and I have time (within the first month!) to applique his / her name on the quilt and sew it together.

Here are some of the fabrics I’ll be using for the bunting:

The solid yellow will be for the back – I think I want to have the back striped, so the yellow will be with another yet to be decided upon fabric.  All the buntings will be polka dotted – tiny dots to big ones!  and I just got a navy blue dot fabric today, so may add that into the mix.  I think it is a good mix – very gender neutral, so it won’t matter if it is Brady or Gaga, and depending on that – the name can be in a gender specific color.

And this morning Auntie Yarbs came over to say farewell – she is heading out on her 7 week Indian Mysore yoga adventure this afternoon!  It will be an amazing experience!  When she comes back, Baby J will be a big brother (and much bigger) and Brady Gaga will be here as the forth member of our family!  So crazy to think that so many changes will take place in just a few weeks!

Bye, Yarbs – have a great time, be safe and enjoy yourself!  Soak it all in!  Can’t wait to keep up via your bloggy blog!



3 responses to “Crafts… and bye-bye

  1. Looks like JJ and Yarbs have the same haircut!

  2. miss you guys already!

  3. cute pic of JJ and EE, JJ looked like he just woke up, I like ee’s hair, it willbe very easy to take care in India where is very hot and humid…

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