4 of 4 done!

Here is the final* blanket for Brady Gaga that I finished yesterday:

I am really kind of obsessed with it – I love it so much!  It is seersucker for the main part (where I usually use flannel) and gingham for the edging.  It is very light weight – I figure since BG will be born in March, s/he won’t need too many heavy, heavy blankets.  And I wanted to figure out what to make lightweight blankets out of, kind of like these.

The gingham is really thin so easy to make the edging out of.  I think it would be extra cute if I actually made bias tape with the gingham, so the squares would be at an angle.  Actually, the seersucker would be cute cut at an angle as well, so the stripes would be diagonal.

I kinda want to get more seersucker (maybe yellow) and gingham (light green) to make another* blanket for BG – and cut everything on the bias!  We’ll see…  lot of other projects on the burner, however.  The good news is the major part of my play group gifts have been completed.  Now just hope people can make it on Friday and then all the details!

Here is the little guy, being a mouse:

He’s been feeling a bit under the weather, but I think teething and the weather temperature swings are to blame.  Hopefully he will be in tip top shape by Friday!


4 responses to “4 of 4 done!

  1. So pretty! I love the way you use such classic prints like gingham and searsucker, you are so good at putting different fabrics together! Hope Jack is feeling better today and we are crossing our fingers that we see y’all tomorrow!

  2. You better keep an eye on that mouse and make sure he doesn’t steal all of Brady Gaga’s blankets. In that mouse’s world all soft objects belong to him! If you swaddle Brady Gaga in onw of those he is liable to lay him/her on the floor and unroll them out of the blanket so that he can lay down and nap on it.

  3. cutest house mouse ever! give him a big kiss from auntie yarbs!

  4. such a cute mouse, I missed him, hoping he will feel better soon…

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