Belated V-day Gift

I am finally done with JJ’s V-day gift: a personalized floor cushion!  Many thanks to Living with Punks blog for the excellent tutorial.

Here is the top:

Used my fonts that don’t have curves and then machine appliqued them onto the cushion.

Here is the bottom:

This heart does have curves, but it was large enough that it wasn’t too too hard to machine applique.

And the handle:

It took me quite a while to complete, but that is because I did the appliques, as well as tried a few things that didn’t quite work (making a form for the inside so the outside could be a slipcover, and thus able to be washed; putting in a zipper, but on the short height, so def not enough space to put the form in; etc).  I do like how it turned out – but there are a few things that I would have done differently.  Oh well, at least it is done!  And the tutorial was quite excellent – really easy to follow and made sense.

I was thinking, though, the Land of Nod one-seater seats are $39.  This handmade version probably had supply costs of around $17 (fabric, piping, stuffing, thread, interfacing, etc) but took me quite a while to figure out and make.  So was it worth it in the end?  Perhaps the hubs is right – sometimes it is cheaper and definitely way easier to just buy….

But for my favorite Valentine, it was worth all the hard work!  Just can’t wait to see him sit and play on it!


3 responses to “Belated V-day Gift

  1. Fabulous pillow! JJ looks so cute! I miss kissing him!
    I will stay online another 10 minutes just in case 🙂
    otherwise maybe we try tomorrow?

  2. Wow! You never cease to amaze me with your crafting Ting! This thing is awesome! How special it is that his own mommy made it for him!

  3. the pillow looks so comfortable, JJ is lucky to have you as mother….

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