This is why Baby J’s V-day gift was late…

This Valentine’s Day I decided to nearly kill myself making cute treats for playgroup.  I really wanted to, since those ladies were so kind and sweet to throw me a surprise shower! But it really did nearly put me over the edge.   Literally, last week, every available second of the day (ie when JJ was sleeping) I was crafting for play group.  Here’s what I made:

Personalized treat bags – which consisted of printing and cutting 12 hearts out of freezer paper for the stencil, then stamping the initials, then going back over initials with a paint brush to make sure the fabric paint coverage was good.  and then heatsettting them all, of course.

Girls colorway:

Boys colorway:

Then inside of the bags I put:

Personalized candies – which involved designing the topper, getting topper and wrappers printed, cutting them out, sticking them on the candies, and then assembling into a cute package.

Stickers – of course I could not just put the stickers in the bags loose, I always have to make things harder for myself, so I tried my best to package them up as cute-ly as possible.

Cake pop – these did not turn out as I had hoped, but I did my best. They are kind of hard! I made them over 2 days, and then had to package them all up, of course.

Then a thank you note (on personalized Valentine stationary that I designed), and photos from the shower and our early fall play group photo shoot. Writing each thank you note, of course, took a bit of time.

Here are all the contents:

I was glad I was able to get all the stuff done in time for play group on Friday – which I hosted. and I think everyone was pleased with their Valentines, so that is great.

Here is the final product (I forgot to take a picture of all the bags stuffed):

This will be the last time in a long time that I will have had the time to do so much, so I am glad that I did it now. Once BG arrives, I suspect my free time will really dwindle down to zero.

Boom thinks I am totally cra-cra. He knows that I am so appreciative of the ladies for throwing me the shower, but he was all, they didn’t throw you the shower to create more work for you. And I know he is right. But this is just how I am – 110% in most things that I do.

Anyway, I was really happy how everything turned out. and playgroup, although small, was really fun! Lots of sickies who couldn’t make it (which is, of course, for the best). Cowgirl brought some bubbles, so we got to enjoy the nice weather!

All the babies have gotten soooo big! I sometimes just can’t believe it!

Jack loves bubbles. I need to get a bubble gun and some good bubble solution for the warm months ahead.

Here they go – chasing the bubbles! Fun times!


3 responses to “This is why Baby J’s V-day gift was late…

  1. You are definitely cray-cray – in the best possible way!

  2. I saw all the individual pieces, but now that I see it all together in its full splendor I am overcome by how CRAZY you really are. You gal pals are lucky ladies!

  3. first of all , us burkharts thought those cake pops ROCKED : ), 2nd, I was wondering if you created that stationary, I love it! 3rd, your hubby really is right, we did not throw the shower for you to only give you MORE work! you were soooo sweet to want to do that for everyone! thanks again! bekah just loves her purse!

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